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Service and Detachment

Bleeding Heart - DetachmentWe are not sure what happened to that hot summer sun that we were dreaming of in our last E-Light newsletter. Somehow August seems to have disappeared without it fully manifesting and now as we slip into September there is a sense of approaching autumn in the air together with a feeling that it is time for things to move up a gear after the summer break. There is also a very real feeling of change around that is exciting and unsettling both at the same time, almost as though anything could happen in the next few weeks and months.

September Energetics

Keeping our balance on the energetic roller coaster ride that we have all been experiencing over the last few months has not been an easy process. Many people have found themselves once again facing old issues that they thought they had finished with, while others have had to deal with physical problems apparently manifesting out of the blue. Relationships have also been in the spotlight causing unexpected endings or changes for some. If you have been experiencing these or other similar events recently, celebrate in the knowledge that you are fully in the flow of transformational change that seems to be engulfing us all right now. So what of September? The prevailing influence for this month comes to us from the constellation of Virgo. Esoterically Virgo represents the blending of the personality with the soul, and brings forward a period of inner incubation that will eventually manifest as the birth of greater soul presence in the world of form. So under the influence of this energy we may find ourselves becoming more aware of areas of resistance to soul influence that still require our attention. The energy of Virgo is also associated with the principle of service in all its many forms while the nature of the soul is service through love, so this month we could find ourselves receiving stimulation that encourages us to find ways to be of greater practical service to the world in which we live. The start of September also finds us in the middle of the third period of Mercury retrograde for 2010, an energetic influence that will continue to upset our outer world of communications until at least September 12th when Mercury goes direct again. This particular period, beginning on August 20th seems to have been particularly difficult and trying as far as outer communications are concerned. However it does offer us all the opportunity for enhanced inner communication, something that will actually be a bonus as we take advantage of the opportunities that the energies of Virgo bring us this month. Later in September we can also look forward to the equinox and those few days of biannual planetary balance that will encourage us to review and blend our own inner polarities once again.

Expanding our view of Service

Emeralds We were pondering on what being of greater service really means the other day and recognising that it is something that has become limited by lack of real understanding. From the everyday perspective of the personality, being of service is normally associated with ‘helping others’ in some way, perhaps through healing or charity work. It can also sometimes involve an element of ‘self-sacrifice’ on the part of the one providing the service that is not necessarily life enhancing to either party involved. That is not to say that much good work is not done in this way, however under the influence of the soul we can also be shown that there are more expanded and empowering ways in which we can be of service. From a soul perspective service involves the contribution that we as a unit of consciousness can make to the collective consciousness on all levels. It can be all too easy to be discouraged by the magnitude of what needs to be changed in the outer world and to forget to remember that what happens in this outer world is a product of our consciousness as a group. From this perspective every bit of work that we do on ourselves becomes a positive contribution to the collective consciousness and a service to our brothers and sisters. Each time we stand in our truth and light, refusing to be disempowered we are being of service. Each time we listen to our soul’s promptings and take action we are being of service. Each time we project love and forgiveness rather than judgement and condemnation into a situation we are being of service. This kind of service requires constant awareness and focus to maintain; however it is also extremely productive and very necessary at this time. Flowers Any positive contribution that we make to the collective consciousness is also a very powerful way of empowering others to help themselves. It is this kind of service that the energies of Virgo will be guiding us towards this month. See also our Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Suggestions for September
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