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September Energetics


We moved into September on the heels of a very powerful blue full moon which set the scene for the coming month by highlighting those buried tensions and hidden resistances to change that had been brewing under the surface of our awareness, awaiting our attention. While this might have seemed a rather uncomfortable way to start the month rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunity to use the energies available throughout the rest of September to help clear any issues that might have been revealed to you in the penetrating illumination of the full moon.

For a large part of September we come under the influence of the earthy, feminine energies of the constellation of Virgo. If we align with this energetic flow we will most likely feel it as an impulse that stimulates us to create greater harmony and synthesis in our lives. The relationship between our everyday personality self and our true self or soul will again come under the spotlight as this energy seeks to reveal to us how we could use our soul gifts and talents to be of greater service in the world.

During September we will also benefit from a complex combination of planetary configurations that will be encouraging us to release ‘the old’ whether that is within ourselves or in the outer forms that relate to our everyday life. There is great opportunity in this energy flow for the seeding of new ideas and opportunities to come forward for the future if we can detach and let go without fear.

All in all much guidance and inspiration will be available to us in this months energy flow if we take the time to go within and to engage with that place of infinite possibility, the still point within us wherein spirit and matter coexist.

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