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Sagittarian Mastery


This month there is an opportunity to use the expansive flow of Sagittarian energies to help you align masterfully with the wisdom and clarity of your own higher truth as you set your intention and focus for the coming twelve months.

December Energetics

December in the northern hemisphere is the month of the winter solstice, a time to gather ourselves and align at an inner level with what we wish to create in the months ahead. This is an important time of the year, the significance of which is all too often missed in the distractions of the outer world so do give yourself time for reflection as well as celebration over the next few weeks.

The prevailing planetary influence during most of December comes to us from the constellation of Sagittarius, whose fiery energies stimulate clear vision, clarity, focus and purpose. Esoterically, Sagittarius rules the higher mind and the intuition as well as inspiring wisdom and truthfulness. There is an expansive quality to this energy that will stimulate a flow of insight and wisdom from our multidimensional selves if we are open and receptive enough to receive it.

Sagittarian Mastery

The astrological symbol for Sagittarius is that of the archer in the act of firing an arrow towards a distant target. Sometimes the archer is depicted as a centaur – half man and half horse – and sometimes as a knight on a white horse. In both cases there is intention and focus implied in the aiming of the arrow towards its target. There is much of significance in these depictions to help us with the potentialities available within the energies of Sagittarius. They speak to us of the need to refine the capability of the soul and personality to work as a team capable of receiving inspiration and intuition from the soul and higher mind. The archer aiming his arrow is dependent upon the cooperation of his horse if his arrow is to have any hope of reaching its target. In the same way the soul needs the physical, emotional & mental aspects of the personality to act as a cooperative and trustworthy team capable of receiving and acting upon the intuition of the higher mind.

Clearly then we are each both the archer and his horse. In the magnified flow of Sagittarian energies this month it will pay us to ponder on these two aspects of ourselves and consider whether there are any adjustments that could be made that would allow them to engage more masterfully with each other. Put another way, we could ask do I have clarity about my soul’s purpose is this incarnation and if so how much is my personality will in alignment with that purpose? If you take a few moments to really focus on this question you will be able to feel the vibration of your soul’s truth with greater clarity. Notice that you first need to focus on creating a quiet, centred place within yourself in order to connect with this vibration and that you might need to keep doing this consistently for the vibration to become fully resonant to you.  Once established this quiet centre becomes the all-important foundation from which we send forth the arrow of thought bearing our purposeful request for illumination from the higher mind. Then we need to maintain our focus within the stillness in order to receive the answer that is returned to us.

Receiving the answer is where many of us currently struggle because we do not continue to focus long enough in the vibrational state in which we sent forth the question. Metaphorically speaking we allow our ‘horse’ to wander off without sufficient supervision, quickly becoming disillusioned as a consequence. So the opportunity this month will be to use the expansive flow of Sagittarian energies to help you align masterfully with the wisdom and clarity of your own higher truth as you set your intention and focus for the coming twelve months.


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