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Rewriting our Old Stories & the Energies in November


As we write this we are in the last week of October with the beginning of November, Halloween and the celebration of Samhain only a matter of days away. For all of us in the northern hemisphere this is the beginning of a time of greater introspection, an opportunity for personal reflection and a period of rest and recuperation at an inner level. All around us in the countryside the beautiful, vibrant autumn colours are another reminder of this as the natural world responds to the call to prepare for the winter months ahead. In contrast our friends across the world in the southern hemisphere are currently enjoying the new awakenings that come with springtime and for them November brings the beginning of summer and a time of greater expansion and outer activity.

The Energies of November

Hopefully you have emerged from the intensity of the energetic offerings of the last few weeks having gained new insights and renewed inspiration for the next part of your journey.

The influence of Scorpio will provide a focus that is direct and to the point in its insistence on clearing out the emotional baggage of the past, a perfect complement to the transformational process we are already going through.

From our experience it proved to be a very productive period of insight and growth, which despite its challenges eventually resulted in the creation of stronger and more stable foundations both energetically and practically.

The sun moved into the constellation of Scorpio on October 23rd and this will remain the prevailing planetary influence for a large part of the month of November. With the sun magnifying the watery energies of Scorpio the energetic focus turns to one of deep inner transformation. Scorpio energy is warrior energy and it will unequivocally take us deep into the subterranean world of our subconscious, emotional nature. Here we are presented with the opportunity to confront and transform those issues of the little self, the personality, that still hold us in the illusion of separation.

We are likely to receive the greatest insight into what needs our attention in this respect around the time of the full moon on October 27th when the magnification of the energies of Scorpio is at its height. Keep in mind that Scorpio energies are watery in nature and therefore both persistent and forceful, with the capacity to reveal what is hidden whether we like it or not. They also contain within them the vibration of ‘desire’, an energy that can be used to fuel lower vibrational desires or higher vibrational desires, the choice is ours. If we choose to focus on the desires of our heart for unity and truth this energy will give us the strength to focus on what we do want and to leave behind with the minimum of struggle that which we no longer choose to have define us.

The energies this month will continue to provide further opportunity for us to integrate that enormous influx of light, and the new templates and patterns it contained, that we received during the latter part of September this year. That giant tsunami of light is slowly seeping into every aspect of our lives both personally and collectively, awakening us to a greater awareness and understanding of ourselves and in the process pushing into consciousness everything that we are not.

The influence of Scorpio will provide a focus that is direct and to the point in its insistence on clearing out the emotional baggage of the past, a perfect complement to the transformational process we are already going through.

Rewriting our Old Stories

Kerria Flower

Clearing our emotional baggage is really a process of rewriting our ‘stories’, those old scripts that contain the experiences, events, emotions and beliefs of the past woven together into a format that fitted the old 3rd dimensional template for living. While we might recognise the urgent need for us to dismantle these old stories it can be a little challenging to achieve if we still have parts of our identity attached to them, or to put it another way, if a part of us still believes that they are true in some way.

Usually the most powerful component of any ‘story’ is the emotional charge that holds it all together. The lower emotional body is rather like a library where we have filed all of our old unprocessed emotions. It does not differentiate between vibrations that were filed yesterday and those that were collected in previous lifetimes but simply files them away attached to the stories with which they have most vibrational resonance. Every now and then something in our life experience will trigger us to visit this library and experience the emotion and the story attached to it. If we then choose to add to the existing story rather than removing it from the library and dismantling it, it will still be there for us to revisit on future occasions.

The energies this month will greatly assist us with the process of dismantling our old stories if we can just allow ourselves to go with the flow.

So if you find yourself involved with an old story this month remember Einstein’s words of wisdom that ‘nothing can be changed from the level at which it was created’ and start by choosing to look at your old story from the perspective of the soul rather than that of your human personality. Just taking a moment to breathe and focus on moving into your heart space will help you to detach enough to view the contents of your ‘story’ from a more expanded perspective. Viewing yourself through the love of the soul will make it is easier for you to accept your human frailties without judgement and to hold firm to the realisation that they do not define who you really are. Then, from this space observe the component parts of your ‘story’ and notice the emotion or emotions that have been holding it together.

Consciously choose to diffuse the magnetic emotional charge by allowing yourself to feel what is there without attaching to it, like watching a movie. Notice any associated belief patterns and recognise that these most likely will no longer have any validity for you either.

You may have to do this a few times but if you persist you will find that the old story will eventually wither away because it is no longer being sustained from an emotional level.


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