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Response versus Reaction & the Energy of Cancer

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Uncertainty and unpredictability are energies that seem to be very much to the fore as we move into July this year. Even the weather can’t seem to make up its mind what it is going to do from day to day. If this is feeling a little unsettling to you then remember that the purpose of change is always to bring forward new opportunities and that there are plenty of these available to us right now. Breath, stay in touch with yourself, take a walk in nature, smile and remember that all is well.

July and the Energies of Cancer

The energy flow over the last few months has been particularly intense, often seeming to require the precision of a skilled surf boarder to ensure successful negotiation. The energies of July are thankfully providing us with a short lived respite from this energetic intensity so do enjoy this while you can.

Cancer Astrological Symbol

As always the prevailing planetary influence for a large part of July comes to us from the constellation of Cancer, represented astrologically by the sign of the Crab, an energy that we will experience at its fullest this month when it is magnified by the full moon on July 19/20, depending upon where you are in the world.

Against this backdrop we also still have an unusual amount of retrograde planets in the energetic mix so this will continue the focus on the need to heal deep emotional wounds and transform old fears at both a personal and collective level. However, with Mars now turned direct again there could also be a comforting sense of forward flow in areas of your life that have previously seemed stuck or somehow on hold.

Cancerian Opportunity

During July, while the sun shines onto the earth through the constellation of Cancer we experience a magnification of the opportunities inherent within its nurturing, watery energies.

At an everyday level this could take our attention to the home we live in and the family that we are connected to through birth, marriage etc. At a collective level this energy might bring a focus to the need for us to take greater responsibility for the Earth, our planetary ‘home’ and for our connection to the collective human ‘family’.

The opportunity this month will be to allow our light and love to illuminate those aspects of reality that we wish to keep in our world and to allow anything that is old and finished with to dissolve with grace and ease.

In the Ancient Wisdom Teachings Cancer is considered to be the original ‘gateway’ for souls entering into physical form and is therefore also associated with the opportunity for ‘rebirth and ‘regeneration’. Rebirth in this context is the opportunity to enliven the physical form by ‘birthing’ more soul light and love into the physical plane. This then naturally brings about the process of regeneration as the soul’s light facilitates the breaking down of crystallised, worn out material forms so that something new can be created.

So the opportunity this month will be to allow our light and love to illuminate those aspects of reality that we wish to keep in our world and to allow anything that is old and finished with to dissolve with grace and ease. In essence this is a simple process however it does require that we keep our focus off those things that appear to be breaking down and disintegrating, whether this be at a personal or collective level. Sometimes this is easier said than done because old habits die hard, so stay awake and aware this month and above all be kind to yourself if you find that your attention has temporarily wandered.

Response versus Reaction

Loosestrife Flowers

Cancerian energies are watery and emotional in nature, providing an easy entry point into the underworld of human mass consciousness. From this perspective it can be easy to loose ourselves in the hereditary instincts and emotional reactions that belong to this aspect of creation unless we are able to maintain a sense of personal identity and a strong connection to our true Self.

This requires discernment, detachment and neutrality, particularly in polarised situations where there is great emotional volatility.

Any energetic influence can be either consciously responded to or unconsciously reacted to. There are many in the world right now who knowingly or unknowingly seek to maintain their power base by using the media and other resources of the digital age we live in to manipulate mass consciousness through fear. Those that feel lost, disempowered, disenfranchised or simply lonely and unloved are particularly vulnerable to this influence but we can all find ourselves getting caught up in this ‘herd’ mentality if we are not vigilant.

If we consciously choose our response to a situation with awareness we contribute to the creation of a new vibrational imprint that others can align with if they choose. In the energy flow this month we could find ourselves having plenty of opportunities to practice this skill.

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