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Relinquishing Drama

The choice to relinquish drama


The enormous, uplifting, high frequency energies that have been flowing into our planet in increasing volume of late are continuing to stimulate change and transformation. With an accelerating rapidity the old rigid structures that have made up our 3D reality for so long are being released to make space for new possibilities. However, the degree of smoothness and ease with which this great shift in consciousness will be accomplished is dependent upon our ability to let go of our old stories and limiting beliefs without getting caught up in recreating the drama that is so often attached to them.

The habit of drama is an emotional addiction that is very much part of the 3D reality that we are leaving behind and it can be very persuasive. In the current energy flow we all need to stay very much on the ball to ensure that we are not enticed into playing out old games when sensitive issues are triggered off. If we can simply remember to be amused, be kind to ourselves, take a breath and pay close attention to what we are thinking and feeling it will be much easier to respond rather than react to a situation. This is the choice that we must make and keep making, in order to relinquish the habit of emotional drama. As we see it, this is a particularly important choice for all of us right now because there is a great need for as many people as possible to choose to hold a consistently high and focussed vibration so that the collective emotional ‘wobble’ that is being set off in the world by the massive changes that are taking place in every avenue of life can be held steady and a new matrix set in place. You might like also like to check out the recent message that Tom Kenyon received from the Hathors for another illuminating perspective on this issue. http://tomkenyon.com/duality-and-the-triune-force

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