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Our Changing Relationship with Time – Februarys E-Light Newsletter


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As we write this we are at the beginning of February and shivering in the grip of the blast of arctic cold which the second month of the year so often brings with it in the northern hemisphere. It certainly seems to bear out the old country saying that ‘as the light lengthens, so the cold strengthens’.

The potent effect of solar flare activity

January was certainly a potent and powerful month energetically and one that brought forth opportunity and challenge in full measure. Many people have found themselves facing new levels of clearing, with old emotional patterns and relationship issues being particularly highlighted. The intensity of this clearing has a relationship to the greatly increased level of solar flare activity that we experienced during January because as this energy reaches the earth it affects the earth’s magnetic fields and our emotional bodies along with it. This is basically a very positive process that is helping to clear away what no longer serves us, however it can become a challenge if we do not recognise that it is leaving and simply detach and let go.

The Aquarian dynamic

During February we come under the influence of the constellation of Aquarius, represented by the symbol of the water bearer. Although this energy is magnified while the sun is in Aquarius, it is also a consistent and potent force that will continue to influence us for the next 2000 years as we move through the Age of Aquarius. The airy and expansive energies of Aquarius stimulate the awakening of higher consciousness and bring to the fore the spiritual values of unity, sharing and brotherhood, humanitarian principles that will eventually result in the creation of those things that are for the collective good of humanity as a whole.

So this month we can expect to find ourselves becoming more aware of how well we are aligned with Aquarian principles in our current thoughts and beliefs and being prompted to make changes where necessary. With both Mars and Saturn retrograde throughout this month we will also find ourselves in a period of review and reassessment of both our work and relationship situations.

Our Changing Relationship with Time.

We have been pondering recently why so many people seem to be experiencing a loss of direction in their lives, often characterised by a sense of disorientation and inability to move forward, especially over recent months. It came to us that this has to do with our changing relationship with time so we decided to share our thoughts with you in case they are in anyway helpful. As we see it we have recently moved into an even more accelerated period of change in which our emotional and mental bodies are being gradually altered by the influx of high frequency energies pouring onto the planet. As we all know, this has had the effect of releasing many of the deep old patterns of behaviour which have been our reference points in third dimensional reality. These reference points are also what have held us into the third dimensional time structure of past and future. As they dissolve we have a much greater access to present time but as yet, lack the focus and awareness to engage with the creative potential available to us when we are in present time.

Present time waits for our command

Literally present time waits for our creative command but we have become so used to riding up and down on the seesaw of past-future time that we have forgotten this, so disorientation and loss of direction become our experience. Past – future time as experienced in the third dimension is directly related to the rational mind, whereas present time connects us with the guidance of the higher mind through the heart. The information that we need to redirect our lives is available to us in present time if we focus on connecting with it and recognise that the information that we receive may not necessarily seem logical to the rational mind even though it registers as truth in our hearts. The enhanced Aquarian influence this month will tend to make this expansion of consciousness into the higher mind very available to us so lets make the most of this opportunity to move into the driving seat of our lives.


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