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Prosperity, Abundance & the 8 8 8 Alignment

Abundance & 888 August can be a month in which we get the opportunity to relax and recuperate before the energy picks up again in the autumn. However this year August has a different feel to it energetically and has the promise of being a full on month in many ways. Beginning with a solar eclipse that is at the peak of its totality over Russia and China we then have the attention of the world focussed on the Olympic Games in China. It is not a coincidence that the opening ceremony for this long awaited event takes place on the 08 08 08 ( 8th August 2008 ) alignment. This is in effect an energetic gateway, which will be used by the Spiritual Hierarchy to seed new patterns of Abundance and Prosperity into the energy grids of Mother Earth and the collective human consciousness. At a soul level each of us is involved with this process since it is we who must be open to receive and anchor this energy at an earthly level for the process to be complete. The positive collective energetic focus that is created by events like the Olympic Games and other groups focussing on the 8 8 8 alignment can be used with great effect for this purpose. Much has been written about this alignment and we have included a couple of links to some of this information at the end of this newsletter for any of you who have not already received it in other ways.

Abundance and Prosperity

As the new energetic patterning of Abundance and Prosperity gradually replaces our collective manifestation of poverty consciousness we will experience enormous changes that will effectively reorganise our lives and our world completely. It is clear that we are being provided with incredible help and support from our brothers and sisters in the realms of light to enable this to happen. However it is also clear that we are each and every one of us a part of this reorganisation and that we can no longer afford to resist or deny our responsibility to contribute to the choices now being made about our collective future. Whether we like it or not we are each a part of this process because our own level of consciousness either adds to, or detracts from, the level of collective human consciousness in each moment. Within us and within many that we know there is an inner knowing that this is the time that we have been waiting for and working towards for many lifetimes; the time when we will be able to make a real difference to the future of life on earth. So how will we do this? Simply by being ourselves – standing firm in our own truth and light and acknowledging our connection with each other and our Source. Most importantly we will do it through refusing to be pulled into fear and focussing on our choice for truth to prevail. Our challenge will be to remember that love & light are the true power in any situation and that fear is an illusion, albeit a powerful one, that can be dispelled by illuminating it with enough light.  For each of us this means being vigilant in sustaining our own level of consciousness by staying in our hearts and maintaining the personal bridge of light to our higher being that will provide us with an anchor point through times of change. Reflecting on this we are very aware that each of us in our own ways has been challenged recently to stand in our own truth and light and to look deeply at any parts of ourselves that we have so far refused to accept as part of our light and love. Any parts of ourselves that we refuse to accept or acknowledge make us vulnerable to being pulled into fear in times of challenge. However, choosing to illuminate those parts with love & light makes us so much stronger and allows us to hold greater quantities of light. We have the sense that August will provide us all with more opportunities to release fear and to choose light, love & life.

Vibrational Essences to Help

With this in mind here are some invaluable vibrational essences to help and support you through the coming waves of change:- Open to Receive - Abundance A good starting place might be that old favourite; Inner Calm (Combinations for Self Treatment) to help you transform your fears. Pink Rose (Karmic Essences) and Courage (Inner Child Essences) would also help with this. The more we can face and dissolve our fears the stronger we will be. Next on the list is our most popular Angel Essence; the Angel of Abundance. Taking this essence will help you to release old poverty consciousness patterning and help you open to your true abundance. Open to Receive (Combinations for Self Treatment) will also help with this. Many of us need extra help to stay grounded and focused in times of change, so if this is the case for you a Base Chakra Combination (Chakra Essences) could prove an invaluable support. For all of us the ability to stay in a heart centred space is vital – a Heart Chakra Combination (Chakra Essences) can be a great support to help with this. Last but by no means least why not try one of the new Light Body Essences; I Am Presence to help you create a strong and vibrant connection with your higher being. Follow these links if you would like more information on the esoteric meaning of the 8 8 8 alignment; Windows of Abundance and Era of Peace. We remind you all to have fun as you move fully into your Love & Light this month as well as sending you much love with the reminder to contact us if you need further help or support on your unfolding journey.
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