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The Power of Unconditional Love & the Energies of Gemini

Blue Moon Rose

The imminent arrival of the month of June signals that, somewhat unbelievably we are once again nearly at the mid-point in the year!

We look forward to June each year because it provides such a grand opportunity to enjoy our favourite flower, the beautiful Rose, in all of its many and glorious variations. Late spring and early summer is always a busy period for us, since apart roses there are also many other flowers all coming into bloom to be enjoyed and made into essences at this time.

If you feel the urge to try your hand at making your own essences, then there really is no better month than June to get started on the project. From the Bach range alone there are many choices available to you right now, including White Chestnut, Honeysuckle, Pine and Holly which are all in flower at the moment. Also look out for Wild Rose which will start magically appearing in the hedgerows very shortly.

June and the Energies of Gemini

Gemini Symbol

The energy flow over the coming month promises to bring us another round of those interesting energetic ‘opportunities’ that we have now become so accustomed to. For a large part of June, the prevailing planetary influence comes to us from the constellation of Gemini, represented in astrology by the glyph of the twins.

The two brightest stars in the constellation of Gemini are named for the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology, twin brothers born to the Queen of Sparta one with a mortal father and the other fathered by the immortal Zeus. Their presence in the heavens is a constant reminder to us of our own mortal and immortal aspects, the material and the spiritual, and the need for us to integrate both into our life experiences.

The energy flow over the coming month promises to bring us another round of those interesting energetic ‘opportunities’ that we have now become so accustomed to.

Both integration and unity are themes that lie at the heart of the energy flow this month. The constellation of Gemini focuses the potent forces of the second ray of Love & Wisdom, so while the sun is in Gemini we receive a heightened flow of the unifying, harmonising energies of unconditional love. This highly transformational energy is always especially potent around the time of the full moon (sun in Gemini, moon in Sagittarius) since this full moon marks the celebration of the third great spiritual festival for the year, the Festival of Humanity.

As the combined energies of Love and Wisdom pour onto the planet at this time the accumulated energies from the two previous spiritual festivals (those in Aries & Taurus) are synthesised and distributed as a spiritual blessing to all humanity, raising our consciousness and bringing a focus to the unification of duality of all kinds. Most often this festival occurs during the month of June but this year the sun moved into Gemini on May 21st just prior to a full moon so we will have two opportunities this year to receive this magnified flow of unconditional love as the sun will still just be in Gemini at the time of the next full moon on June 20th.

The energies of Gemini also stimulate the mind, communications and relationships of all kinds so look out for the arrival of new ideas and be awake to the opportunities that this energy flow will provide for enhanced communication at all levels, especially since Mercury is now fully in forward motion again. Despite the fact that we have several important planets still in retrograde motion the energy flow this month is set to push us forward provided we align with the higher potential of what is being offered to us.

The Power of Unconditional Love

Peace Rose Flower

To get the best from any flow energy we have to recognise that we will all perceive its effects through the level of consciousness that we currently have.

So for instance, the energy flow this month has a very synthesising, harmonising aspect to it that seeks to promote unconditional love. Certainly this sounds great and just what we all want to experience, right? However, in the process of achieving this we may first experience greater illumination of those polarities within us that are as yet unresolved. When this happens, as it certainly could this month, we have the choice of digging deeper into the polarity or moving beyond it. At the time of the experience our choice will largely depend upon the level of consciousness that we take to the situation. The magnetic pull of ‘old stories’ is still strong and the temptation to try to achieve unity and wholeness through eliminating aspects of ourselves that we do not consider OK is still very prevalent if we are not mindful.

So helpful things to ponder over the coming weeks might be; how accepting am I of those personality aspects of myself that I do not see as OK and how accepting am I of my spiritual self in my everyday life. Inevitably there are many old stories attached to both these aspects of ourselves and the answers that you come up with might be both helpful and revealing. As you ponder these questions remember that the energy of Unconditional Love is present in everything that has been created in this universe so applying the power of Love to any aspect of manifest life that has become distorted will offer it an opportunity to return to wholeness. Most particularly take time to apply this to yourself!

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