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Permission to be Your True Self

Handel Rose

Just as a child grows within the womb of its mother, so we must each nurture and support the growth of our true Self, allowing it to take its place as the voice of wisdom in our lives.

September and the Energies of Virgo.

The prevailing astrological influence during the greater part of September comes to us from the constellation of Virgo.

Aligning with the highest potential of the feminine, earthy, nurturing qualities of Virgo energy will take us deep into the realm of the feminine goddess, the Mother principle and the gestation of new life. Here we will find a reminder of the inherent unity between spirit and matter and the need to nurture and grow the light of our own divinity within the physical form that we are currently inhabiting.

Just as a child grows within the womb of its mother, so we must each nurture and support the growth of our true Self, allowing it to take its place as the voice of wisdom in our lives.

In this synthesising, integrating flow of energy this month it is likely that what will be revealed to us will be any issues or beliefs from the past that still hold us in polarity consciousness, limiting our ability to be our true Self.

The full moon on September 9th (1.39 AM GMT) could well provide some particularly illuminating moments in this respect. The moon will of course be in Pisces opposite the sun in Virgo. Pisces has been a potent planetary influence over the last two thousand years and polarity consciousness was a very foundational aspect of life over this time. Many of our most deeply ingrained patterns have their roots in lifetimes lived under this influence, so this will be a ‘not to be missed’ opportunity to observe anything from the past that might be illuminated and to allow it to dissolve and transform in the light of new awareness.

Permission to be your true Self

The influence of Virgo tends to stimulate the desire to be of service. In the old paradigm energy this desire was generally interpreted as a need to help others in some way. However, in the new energetic template this same influence stimulates an awareness that ‘service’ is much more about fulfilling our soul’s purpose for incarnation.

With this in mind what may come to the surface for many of us this month is a discomforting recognition that there is still a lack of resonance between our inner and outer worlds.

Uncomfortable though this might feel it is simply a signal that it is time to give yourself full permission to be your true Self. This self-permission is very important because most of us were not given the opportunity in childhood to develop our uniqueness or to honour our own truth. Because we were not taught to listen to our own inner voice, we gradually lost ourselves in the expectations, stories and desires of those who were our care givers. Unless we give ourselves permission to review and realign with our own inner truth, we will continue to run our lives from the habit of these old patterns of non-permission.

The higher octave of the old paradigm concept of ‘service’ is the ability to live your life in resonance with your soul vibration so that everything you do in the world comes from your own authentic truth. In the energy of Virgo we are given the opportunity to connect more deeply with the inner self and to fuse personality and soul into a harmonious unit so that the light within can become more focussed and available.

The limitations that we have had to conform to in the past that have limited our ability to be our true Self are no longer part of the framework and fabric of life in the new energetic patterning, so listen to your own inner voice this month and allow it to help you move into greater resonance within yourself.



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