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The Pendulum of Balance

Pendulum of Balance For us September seems to have rushed sped past in a whirlwind of business and activity that has at times challenged our ability to stay focussed and detached. There has also been a general air of change and movement around over this last month that has been unsettlingly reflected in the weather as we moved from the warmth of Indian summer sunshine to howling gales and pouring rain, often from one day to the next. It is as though Mother Nature is showing us clearly how the pendulum of balance will swing from one extreme to another in our outer world if we do not take the opportunities being presented right now to choose greater balance and harmony within ourselves.

October Energetics

Balance will be very much the flavour of the month for October since the prevailing energetic influence comes to us from the constellation of Libra, long associated with balance, equilibrium, right judgement and relationship. Libra is related to the element of air and as such will also bring a focus on the mind and an opportunity for us to carefully weigh in the balance the choices we have so far made, with a view to making any appropriate changes. In a nutshell the energies of Libra will be encouraging us to find the ‘middle way’ or the path of balance in everything this month, both as individuals and as a collective. The Equinox and the very powerful full moon that accompanied it last month brought a flood of new energy onto the planet that will be continuing to build in intensity up to the 10 10 10 gateway later this month. This pulse of energy is one of many, designed to help us expand our consciousness as we attempt to negotiate this intense period of transition and change. These incoming pulses of energy will build further in intensity over the next few years as we approach the pivotal point of the 12 12 12 gateway. If we can successfully ride the waves of change that they bring, these energy pulses will provide immense opportunities for growth and new choice on all levels. Just like riding a giant ocean wave on a surfboard they can lift us high and carry us exhilaratingly far provided we stay balanced. Add to this energetic mix, four retrograde planets; Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune & Venus and October looks set to be an energetically intense month for all of us. Certainly the recent influx of new energy has already left many people feeling distinctly challenged as the Libra spotlight illuminates sensitive areas of their lives that need further review or re balancing.

The search for greater balance

As we see it the key to successfully using the current transformational energies of change lies in the perspective that we choose to take on the issues that inevitably arise for each of us at such a time. If we can remember that whatever appears to be presenting itself to us is ultimately an opportunity to find greater harmony and balance within ourselves, then we will be able to extract the gift from the situation and move on. If instead we choose to see ourselves as a victim of circumstance then we are stuck until such time as we choose to take a different view. As we have said the Libran influence this month will tend to highlight those internal polarities that we have so far not been able to bring to a point of equilibrium so that we can ‘walk the middle way’ between the two extremes of a polarity with ease. We experience these polarities in every aspect of life, especially in our relationships. This is of course not only in the relationships we have with others but also in the all-important relationship that we have with ourselves. In fact it is in the internal relationship between self and Self that we may well encounter the biggest focus of illumination and consequent opportunity for greater balance this month. The fundamental choice that the new energies are offering to each of us now and for the next few years is that of fully embracing our spirituality through the final balancing of the polarity of self and Self. This has profound implications for our future as a collective since a critical mass of individuals achieving this balance will promote a radical overhaul of the way in which we currently perceive our world and the choices that we have collectively made as a consequence of this restricted view of reality. Divine Harmony Essences So the energies this month will be nudging us to find a greater degree of balance in every aspect of life, however this also means that we could first find ourselves experiencing a period of what feels like imbalance, before we find the inner equilibrium that we seek. Under these circumstances we find that it helpful to remember that we cannot create balance in a polarity by choosing to ignore the aspect of it that we do not like. Inevitably this will simply mean that the pendulum will swing to the other polarity rather than settle in the middle in the desired place of balance. When this happens the rejected aspect of the polarity will show up as a reflection in those around us, often in difficult and painful ways, to make sure that we get the point. Balance is only achieved by taking responsibility and ownership for both sides of the polarity without judgement. There is then nothing left to trigger the swing of the pendulum. Easier said than done we know so here are a few suggestions for essences that might support your process this month. See also our Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Suggestions for October
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