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The Opportunity of the Moment

Handel Rose

There is an opportunity available this month to use the energy flow to move past any limitations that prevent us from becoming a greater expression of our true Self.

August and the Energies of Leo

As July fades into August we are already in the dynamic flow of energy from the constellation of Leo, the prevailing planetary influence for most of the month of August. The fiery, powerful energies of Leo are associated with the Sun and depicted in the western astrological zodiac by the sign of the Lion. It is significant that Leo is the only sign in the zodiac to have the same planetary ruler at all three levels of astrological interpretation, so whether we look from a personality, soul or monadic perspective the Sun is always the ruler of Leo. This unique relationship with the sun at the heart of our universe is an indication of just how powerfully transformational the energies of Leo can be. The liberating, universal principles of Love and Freedom flow through the constellation of Leo, energies that particularly stimulate the alignment of the heart with the soul and illuminate the need for the development of the right use of power and the will to create that which can serve the common good.

Since the sun moved into Leo the energy flow has taken on a very definite sense of uncomfortable intensity, a feeling which might be best described as ‘too much all at once’.  Given the various planetary configurations that accompany the sun’s passage through Leo this month we are likely to find this feeling of pressure persisting, at least until after the full moon on August 10th. In view of this it might pay all of us to be extra vigilant about our sensitive trigger points in order to avoid the uncomfortable experience of over reaction that this energy could provide for the unwary.

The Opportunity of the Moment

So what is the opportunity we are being presented with this month and how can we best use it? As we have said Leo energy brings forward the universal vibrations of Love and Freedom and will therefore tend to illuminate where we are still creating limitation and restriction in our lives. This is a theme that is already extremely potent right now as we continue the process of adjustment required by the shift in energetic patterning that took place in December 2012. The flow of energy this month is therefore likely to further illuminate issues that you are already feeling quite intensely, especially those that limit the expression of your true Self.

Leo energy also highlights the twin issues of power and authority and how these are used. Looking around the world at the moment it is not difficult to find many examples of how power and authority are being misused. It is uncomfortable, but not particularly surprising that these examples appear to be becoming both more obvious and extreme in nature, since the same pressure for change that is affecting our personal, internal reality is also impacting our external, collectively created reality. Under these circumstances it can be all too easy to become caught up in the external dramas of life and forget to remember that the very best action we can take is to ensure that we are not personally playing out the very same issues that we can see so graphically displayed in the external world. This requires a high degree of self-awareness and perseverance because much as we all consciously want change, old patterns of behaviour can be unconsciously addictive if we are not paying enough attention. So the opportunity this month is to use the available energy flow to stimulate greater alignment between personality, heart & soul and to use the expanded perspective that this provides to move past any limitations that prevent us from becoming a greater expression of our true Self.



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