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October Energetics – 2012

October takes us into the prevailing planetary influence of the airy energies of the constellation of Libra, represented astrologically by the sign of the scales. Libran energy brings the qualities of harmony, balance, justice and fairness to the fore, turning the spotlight of attention onto relationships of all kinds, both internal and external. It seems particularly fitting and of course no coincidence that the strongest flow of Libran energy into our planet each year coincides with the autumn/spring equinox, that wonderful moment of planetary balance before the sun begins to move towards the southern hemisphere of the world.

Since Libra represents the balance of opposites we can expect the energy flow this month to highlight issues that reflect a lack of balance in our lives either personally or collectively. Inevitably this will take the focus of attention to relationships of all kinds, not just those that we have with partners, family & friends but also the relationship that we have with ourselves as well as the wider relationship that we have with each other as a human family. In addition, the influence of some powerful and challenging planetary alignments, particularly at the beginning of this month, will bring a sense of urgency and insistence on change and transformation that may not feel entirely comfortable but will certainly assist us to rebalance old issues if we align with the flow and try not argue for our limitations!

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