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Happy New Year! 2009 has arrived and despite the obvious difficulties and challenges that we will all have to face over the next twelve months we are beginning the year with a feeling of excitement and hope for the future, an inner sense of renewed purpose that began to make itself felt as the old year made way for the new. January 1st brought with it a palpable shift in energy that felt like a breath of fresh air heralding new beginnings and opportunities. It feels as though 2009 will bring us many opportunities to build on the energetic foundations that we have all created throughout 2008 and to step further into our own Light, Love & Power.

However, despite these feelings of positive renewal it is also very clear that we are all being stretched to the limit at a physical level to integrate the out flow of Unconditional Love that we received from Source during December. Many people are currently feeling unusually tired and exhausted while others are experiencing physical disturbances like colds or ‘flu. As unwelcome as this might feel, remember that it is simply the physical body taking time to release the old and catch up with the new. Changes that have already taken place at an energetic level usually take time to filter through to the physical level simply because it vibrates so much slower than the rest of us. We have included some essence suggestions here that are particularly helpful for this process of integration.

During the month of January the energy will particularly support us in exploring our inner world to determine what it is that we each wish to create over the coming twelve months.

The month of January

During the month of January the energy will particularly support us in exploring our inner world to determine what it is that we each wish to create over the coming twelve months. Now is the time to honour our own gifts and talents and to be prepared to take them out into the world like never before. So during January take time to review your goals and to align them with your higher purpose. This will also give you an opportunity to become aware of any old beliefs or outmoded patterns of behaviour that need to be transformed so that you are free to move forward. January will be a month to energise the positive and to release anything less with love and compassion. It will also be a month in which the focus will again be on the integration of the inner masculine and feminine energies helping us to create a greater degree of inner unity, which in time will be replicated in our outer world.

We will be greatly assisted in this inner process during January by a period of retrograde Mercury that begins on January 11th and ends on February 1st. While Mercury is retrograde life in the everyday world can seem particularly confusing and chaotic as communications, relationships, electrical appliances & computers can all be adversely affected by this energy. However the inward looking energy of this period presents an ideal opportunity to spend time with yourself going deeper into your inner world in order to gain clarity and understanding on how best to move forward.

Reflecting on the intensification of the chaos in our world over the holiday period it seemed to us that it is very important that we all recognise that these events, however painful they appear to be, are simply a reflection of the process of change that is currently taking place on our planet and that we can best assist with this by remembering the power that a peaceful heart consistently radiating love and compassion can have to make change. We invite you to join with us for a few moments each day to connect with all those of like mind who wish to contribute their love and compassion towards the creation of peace in the world. As we all join together as One Heart linking our Love, Light & Compassion we can create miracles both in our own lives and in our collective reality. We will be adding a page on the Holistic Viewpoint section of our website over the next few weeks that will act as a focus for this at a physical level so watch this space as they say!

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