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Negotiating Change

October brings opportunity for growth

Michaelmas Daisy

As we write this we at the beginning of October and fully into the flow of Libran energy that is the prevailing planetary influence for the month. Libran energy speaks to us of the need for harmony, balance, justice and fairness in all our relationships, whether these are internal or external. It represents the balance of opposites and will bring into our awareness those choices and decisions that need to be taken now, in order to create more balance and fairness, especially in the field of human relationships.

It will not have escaped anyone’s notice that the process of change and transformation that we are all collectively going through has accelerated recently and October seems set to be a month in which it will again step up in intensity. The powerful planetary alignments that will be influencing us this month will be supporting the evolutionary flow of change with a seriousness and intensity that cannot be taken lightly. We can therefore expect that this month will be one of great opportunity for us as a collective but also one in which we could be faced with the challenge of sudden change or unexpected events that arise seemingly out of the blue. Inequities and imbalances that create tension in relationships of all kinds will also tend to be highlighted this month, especially around the time of the full moon on October 12th (02.07 GMT). Altogether it seems likely to be an interesting month and one in which we will need to pull on all the harmonising, balancing abilities of the flow of Libran energy that are available to us right now.

Negotiating Change

We can all look back over our lives and recognise that those difficult moments of crisis and challenge that we experienced were in fact the catalysts that we needed to move us forward in our lives at the time. This seems to us to be very much the situation that we are now facing as a human family. In order to evolve we must collectively be willing to move with the evolutionary flow of change within which we currently live. Rather than focus on the chaos that this process of change inevitably brings we must find the courage and strength to see beyond the immediate problems to the higher vision and purpose of the changes being requested. It can be helpful to remember in this context that we are not the victims of a force of change beyond our control, rather we are an integral part of the process and that we are each here at this time because we have a part to play in it. The forces that guide our evolution are steering us collectively in a new direction and while some of us are aware of this in our everyday consciousness, many are not as yet. It is therefore up to all those of us who are more awake to ensure that we maintain an energetic balance that will help to contribute as much balance and stability to the unfolding situation as possible. Since we are linked as a collective through our energy bodies it is particularly important to recognise the power of mass emotion in difficult or challenging situations and to cultivate the ability to observe with detachment.

The influence of Libra this month will be helping us all to walk that important ‘middle path’ of balance that will allow us to negotiate whatever changes come forward in a way that contributes positively to the collective endeavour.

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