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Mastery of Mind and Emotion

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The beginning of a New Year is often a time when we take a moment or two to reflect on how we would like things to unfold for us over the coming twelve months. It is also the time that we look back at what we have achieved and what has changed in our lives as a result. If there is one thing that is certain as we look forward into 2011, it is that the pace of change is set to continue to accelerate, boosted by the many powerful planetary alignments and energy gateways that are lining up to influence our reality over the coming twelve months. For all of us, 2011 will be a year of important choices and one in which we will particularly need to stay aligned with our own inner guidance and wisdom. The incoming powerful energies and planetary alignments that we are experiencing are all designed to help move us beyond the structures of third dimensional consciousness, offering us new choices in the process. If we are willing to let go then ‘old baggage’ can be cleared away with surprising speed in these new energies. However if we choose to ‘argue for our limitations’ then life will become more difficult because those old structures and thought forms can no longer be supported in the current energy flow.

It is perhaps not surprising that at a personality level many people are currently feeling somewhat disorientated and a little lost in this gigantic process of change. Partly this is because 3D consciousness is focussed on the material world of structure and form and draws its security from these outer manifestations. The current winds of change mean that we need to recognise that this focus has only provided us with an illusion of security and that our real security comes firstly from our inner connection to our true self and then from our unbreakable connection to the web of life. This is an understanding that is slowly filtering into our everyday consciousness as the grip of the third dimension loosens its hold over us. However, there is a degree of mastery over our thoughts and emotions and a conscious focus on the alignment of our lower energy bodies that is required in order for us to fully make this transition. Our choices in this respect will be extremely important over the coming year.

The ability to become a detached observer is an important aspect in the process of mastery over our thoughts and emotions. All of us find some emotions and thoughts easier than others to deal with. Simply becoming aware of those that are still easily triggered and liable to master you rather than the other way round is a helpful first step to gaining greater mastery.

Watching and Mastering our Thoughts & Emotions

There are of course many issues deeply rooted within the human collective consciousness that have the potential to keep us unconsciously ‘arguing for our limitations’ if we are not watchful of our thoughts and emotions. Two of the most important of these are ‘blame’ and ‘lack of forgiveness’. These issues are intricately linked together and still form a very real part of many people’s realities. At a time where we are all being asked to step into greater personal empowerment and self-responsibility extra vigilance is required to ensure that we do not inadvertently choose to entertain any thought forms related to these states of ‘victim consciousness’.

Another issue that affects our ability to master our thoughts and emotions is that of our energetic relationship with the world around us. Strong energetic boundaries and the ability to discern another’s energy and thought forms from our own are essential if we are to become a master of our own thoughts and emotions. Lack of accurate information and understanding has resulted in many people being unaware of how to create healthy energetic boundaries or the fact that they have the choice of what energies they entertain within their own energy fields.

Chakra Essences

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences to help

Vibrational Essences are wonderful tools to help raise the vibrations of the lower energy bodies and to stabilise the consciousness so that new choices and ideas can be received and integrated. So with that in mind here are a few suggestions for essences that might be generally helpful with some of the issues mentioned above.

For anyone who would like some support to master ‘blame’ or ‘lack of forgiveness’ then either Self Responsibility, (Divine Harmony Essences) Forgiveness (Divine Harmony Essences) or Healing Abuse (Divine Harmony Essences) would be good combinations to consider.

A universally helpful combination to provide support with strengthening energetic boundaries is the Auric Protection combination, available in either spray form (Pure Vibrations Collection) or the more traditional dropper bottle, (Divine Harmony Essences). White Bluebell (Karmic essences) would also be good to consider here. We can also thoroughly recommend our new Energetic Alignment spray (Pure Vibrations Collection). This powerful spray will help to keep your energetic system aligned through all the levels making it easier for you to release old patterns and issues more easily as well as to receive guidance and help from your higher self.

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