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Living our Soul Truth


Sagittarius and the energies of December

The prevailing planetary influence during most of December comes to us from the constellation of Sagittarius, whose fiery energies stimulate clear vision, clarity, focus and purpose. Esoterically, Sagittarius rules the higher mind and the intuition as well as inspiring wisdom and truthfulness. Within the expansive flow of Sagittarian energies this month there will be a powerful opportunity for us all to take stock of the changes that have taken place within and around us over the past year and to clarify our goals and intentions for the future from the perspective of our own higher truth.

As we approach the December solstice this year we will reconnect with the energies of last years potent galactic core alignment on 21 12 2012 as the Sun in Sagittarius makes its annual alignment with the galactic core, which this year will take place immediately following the full moon on December 17th. Taking time out to align consciously with the illumination and wisdom that will flow in from the galactic core during this period is especially important because it will be a valuable opportunity for us to gather the clarity and insight that will help us ground the new energies of last December more fully into our everyday world.

Living our Soul Truth

The energy flow this month will be directing our attention into our inner world, inspiring us to connect with and integrate our soul awareness and to focus on living more fully from the truth of that inner connection. Honouring our soul truth and purpose in our everyday reality is not only important for us individually; it is also a vital contribution to the weaving together of a new reality for our collective future.

This month it will therefore be important that we each listen carefully for the voice of our own inner truth and be prepared to act on what we receive. This is essentially a very simple process of listening within, receiving, focusing intention and then acting. However the ability to do this is generally not something that has been modelled for us as part of our upbringing. Rather we have been taught to conform to what is considered to be the generally accepted version of ‘truth’ whether we resonate with it or not. Thus it has seemed as though one ‘truth’ is better or more correct than another and perhaps most importantly ‘truth’ is something to be found outside of us, with the result that our connection to our own inner truth has become blurred and neglected.

Remembering how to live from our own inner truth might initially feel rather like looking for an old pathway in a long overgrown garden, however the pathway is there and you will find it as you explore deeper into the garden. As you do this remember that nothing works quite the same in the new energy as it did in the old and that you need to give yourself permission to experiment, particularly in respect of how you access your truth. You will find that it is readily available to you when you move into your heart and simply allow yourself to absorb into your consciousness what your soul wishes you to know. Keep in mind that the soul speaks in pictures, vibrations and feelings rather than words and that these are best interpreted through the heart. Initially this may feel strange and your analytical mind may object because likely it will have no reference points with which to evaluate the information that you have received. However, the more we choose to listen in our hearts, receive, focus and act the easier it will become to live our soul truth.


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