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Links of Light: Reconnecting the Human Family


March seems to have rushed by at an incredible speed this year leaving us feeling somewhat breathless as we attempted to deal with those issues that required completion, before the energy of Aries swept us up and moved us firmly into a new zodiacal year. The shift in energy from Pisces to Aries is one that we look forward to each year bringing as it does that sense of release and forward movement so characteristic of Aries energy. We can feel ourselves responding to this powerful energy in much the same way that nature in the northern hemisphere is responding to the arrival of spring.

April Energetics

The full moon at the end of March brought us powerfully into alignment with the full force of the energy of Aries. Aries energy is aligned with the first ray, which brings divine will from the mind of God into manifestation. It is a fiery and transformational energy that will encourage us to clear out the closets of the personality mind and to make space for new ideas from the soul to be birthed into our reality. This makes it a wonderful time to initiate those new projects and ideas that have been in the planning stage over the last few months. Renewal and restoration will be powerful underlying themes this month in all aspects of life. The first of the three great spiritual festivals for the year, celebrated at the full moon when the sun is in Aries, (this year at the end of March) together with the Christian celebration of Easter both highlight these themes.

Links of Light

As we see it, it will be important this month for us all to focus on the new patterning that we are creating both for ourselves as individuals and as a collective, allowing the ‘death’ of the old so that restoration and renewal can take place at a fundamental level. As conscious human beings we are the links that connect the higher and lower kingdoms of life. It is up to each one of us to create a strong inner link with our soul so that we can join with those of like mind and consciousness in creating a strong collective human soul to act as a link between the divine and human worlds. In this way we literally become ‘a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine’, and we are open to the influence of the collective higher mind which will stimulate our ability to think, plan and take action for the good of the whole.

The Aquarian Age that we are now in brings forward the principles of brotherhood, unity and service to others. Becoming an effective link in the chain of life is therefore essential for all of us if we are to move fully into this energy. If we look behind the apparent chaos that we are experiencing in our world as the old patterning crumbles away, we can clearly see the beginnings of a new way of being coming into manifestation. Conscious people all over the world are reaching out to each other to offer help & support and to exchange ideas.


Everywhere links are being made that are creating the shape of what is to come so that gradually the human family can reunite in love. We had a powerful experience of this at a recent exhibition that we attended where the networking energy of cooperation and connection was incredibly powerful and wonderful to be a part of.

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