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Lighting the Lamp Within


July and the Energies of Cancer

The prevailing energy flow as we begin July is coming to us from the constellation of Cancer, represented astrologically by the sign of the Crab. At a mundane level the nurturing, watery energies of Cancer bring a focus to our home and family as well as to our roots and foundations in life. Esoterically Cancerian energies impulse us to expand our understanding of ‘home’ to include the concept that our physical body is the anchor point or ‘home’ for our spirit. It reminds us of the need to light our inner lamp and to allow that light to bring greater illumination to the world around us. There is great opportunity for positive change within this influence that will be further magnified by the presence of the expansive energies of Jupiter in Cancer. Mercury is also retrograde in Cancer until July 21st, which again highlights the need for us to focus within ourselves to reassess and re-evaluate this month. Use the energies of the new moon in Cancer on July 8th to clarify ideas and sow the seeds of your intention for the future.

Lighting the lamp within

The ability to hold our inner light steady and to allow it to shine forth into the world has never been more important than it is right now. As lightworkers, this inner awakening is an integral part of our purpose for incarnation, a part of the service that we planned to offer at this time. Yet for many, this is still very much a work in progress. Reflecting on why this might be made us realise that one of the most obvious difficulties is created by the habit, based on an unconscious belief, that we have to ‘think’ something into existence through the rational mind. Inevitably, programmed into this kind of thought is the requirement to make effort, to ‘do’ something. In our experience this is rather like going down a ‘dead-end street’ in your car and finding the way frustratingly blocked, since in reality the ability to hold steady in our inner light has nothing to do with ‘doing’ and everything to do with just ‘being’.

In the higher frequency energies that we now have available to us the radiance of our inner light will expand very quickly if we simply remember to use the heart as a focal point for our intention. Consciously focussing on expanding the love within the heart centre magnetises the light of the soul into physical reality, feeding the heart flame so that the light within becomes a more consistent, radiating force. Almost no thought or outer activity is required to accomplish this, yet the effects are profound and far-reaching. When enough of us have achieved this inner mastery, change in our world will undoubtedly be swift, far reaching and permanent. So make the most of the supportive energies this month to hone your skills and set your intention to keep your inner lamp radiating light into the world, knowing that although the rational mind might not understand, you are nonetheless making an essential contribution towards the creation of a smooth transition into the higher dimensions for all.


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