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Journey to the Underworld – Inner & Outer Transformation

April, with its magnified flow of Aries influenced energies is normally a month in which we find ourselves being impulsed to move forward and ‘get on with it’ in the everyday world.

Handel Rose Flower

The lovely Handel Rose Flower Essence is particularly helpful where there are issues stuck in the heart chakra that are creating feelings of low self-worth.

However, this year with the unusual influence of five retrograde planets all requesting us to reflect and review on different aspects of our personal inner world, we may ourselves uncomfortably squeezed between two seemingly contradictory energy flows. With this in mind, balance, calmness, patience and thought before action will all be helpful attributes to cultivate over the next few weeks.

Looking at this month’s energy from a positive perspective we can see that while it might not be a great deal of fun to find ourselves having to linger in our personal underworld of old issues over the next few weeks, it will give us a wonderful opportunity to allow forgotten aspects of ourselves a space for healing and regeneration so that we start the new astrological year from a place of renewed commitment to be more of our true self.

Journey into the Underworld – Themes

There are some quite strong themes likely to present themselves to all us over the next few weeks, so we thought it might be helpful to briefly outline them here so that they do not catch you unawares if they should happen to come into view.

Look out for challenges to your sense of self-worth and your faith and belief in yourself and/or a higher power. You could also find yourself needing to review old issues based on feelings of separation, loneliness and abandonment. Painful wounds relating to old relationships of any kind may surface for healing or you may find yourself assessing past failures with a view to making positive change for the future. Feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, anxiety and even humiliation may come into uncomfortable focus as you dig deep into your personal underworld this month.

No matter what comes into view take time to accept, review and reflect remembering that as the energy is transformed you will emerge from your underworld stronger and wiser for the next part of your journey in the outer world.

See also: Coping With Energetic Intensity for some helpful Essence Suggestions.

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