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The Influence of Cancer


The prevailing energy flow as we begin July is coming to us from the constellation of Cancer, represented astrologically by the sign of the Crab, an energy that we will experience at its fullest, magnified by the full moon on July 3rd. At a mundane level the nurturing, watery energies of Cancer bring an emphasis to home and family as well as to our roots and foundations in life.

Certainly we will feel the influence of this energy individually this month where there is a need for greater balance in these areas of our lives. However, from a spiritual perspective the energies of Cancer are also associated with the principle of rebirth and each year it brings us a cosmic breath of new life and an opportunity for re-evaluation and transformation on a global scale. So the highest levels of Cancerian energy will also be impulsing us to adjust our concept of ‘family’ to include the whole of the Human Family rather than simply our own personal family. As an extended family our ‘home’ is planet Earth so the need for us to review how we are treating that home as well as the need for us to accept our common responsibility as caretakers for the world in which we live will both be highlighted this month. In addition the issue of the way in which we organise our extended family finances through the world banking systems are likely to continue to come under the spotlight for re-evaluation and adjustment.

This flow of Cancerian energy is set against a backdrop of some extremely powerful and potent planetary alignments that will be continuing to drive the pace of change relentlessly forward over the coming months as well as providing us with incredible opportunity to shift our consciousness into a completely new place of awareness.

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