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The Importance of Inner Nurturing

Bleeding Heart

The key word for us all to focus on this month, is that very Cancerian one, ‘nurturing

Transformational June

The powerful inflow of love and light that we received during June, particularly around the time of the full moon and the solstice that followed it, was both intense and highly transformational. As we gathered in and absorbed as much of this high frequency energy as we could, many people found that ‘buttons’ were being pushed in unexpected ways.

If this was your experience take heart, you are not alone, we are all going through it in one way or another. From our experience just keeping a sense of perspective and being willing to own what is being shown to us is all that is required for it to transform very quickly, which after all is the purpose of the experience!

If you take a moment to review how you feel now, having been through last month and the change that it facilitated in your inner world, you may well discover a new sense of yourself that was not there before. Pay attention to this potential because the energies of July will be offering you opportunities to use this potential more fully in the world.

July and the Energies of Cancer

As always the prevailing planetary influence for a large part of July comes to us from the constellation of Cancer, represented astrologically by the sign of the Crab, an energy that we will experience at its fullest when it is magnified by the full moon on July 12th. The watery, nurturing energies of Cancer bring an emphasis to those areas of life that relate to ‘home’ and ‘family’ and as always their influence will be multi-layered.  At an everyday level we might find our attention taken to the home we live in and the family that we are connected to through birth, marriage etc.

At the same time this energy will be impulsing us to expand our understanding of the concepts of ‘home’ and ‘family’, turning our attention inwards to connect more with our soul family and reminding us of our oneness with the collective family of humanity. Esoterically Cancer is considered to be the gateway into form for the soul so each year the inflow of Cancerian energies also bring a heightened opportunity for us to anchor more soul light into the everyday world of form.

There has never been a better or more important time for us to do this than right now. The ease with which the transition to a new reality will be accomplished is dependent upon those of us that are awake and aware being able and willing to do just this. Although on the one hand this sounds like a call to action it is important that we remember that this not something we can ‘do’ in the outer world, rather it is achieved very simply through inner focus and an intention to stay in alignment with our soul vibration so that we can remember who we truly are.

The Importance of Inner Nurturing

What comes to the fore for many people as they focus on embodying their soul vibration more fully is the inbuilt resistance that the personality self has to allowing itself to be nurtured by the inclusive, loving vibrations of the soul.

The result of many unconscious misperceptions relating to sacrifice, service, unworthiness, judgement & forgiveness this resistance leads us to move away from the very vibration that we are doing our best to align with. So with this in mind the key word for us all to focus on this month, is that very Cancerian one, ‘nurturing’. Notice if your attention has now moved to consider how you can be more nurturing to others and recognise that the focus we need here relates to our ability to nurture ourselves.

This process of inner nurturing is one that we often have no positive role model for and might even unconsciously consider to be selfish. If this is the case for you, use the energies this month to help you revaluate the importance of the ability to nurture yourself so that you can more fully absorb the joyful, harmonious, peaceful and loving vibrations of your soul. Radiating these nurturing vibrations for all to share, is one of the most powerful ways in which we can facilitate change in the world.



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