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Healing Separation

Trees in SunlightThe Energies of Virgo

As we write this we are enjoying the earthy, feminine energies of the constellation of Virgo, the prevailing planetary influence for the month of September. Esoterically Virgo represents the synthesis of personality and soul into a harmonious unit, creating potential for the birthing of new ideas and expanded consciousness into the material world. This ability to illuminate the everyday world with greater soul light is the highest potential of this energy and is at the heart of the impulse to serve that often characterises those who have a strong Virgo influence in their astrological chart. Virgo’s influence this month will therefore tend to bring into awareness any areas of our lives that are not fully in alignment with our true purpose, particularly in relation to the work that we do in life. It will bring forward an opportunity for us to ensure that we are using our individual gifts and talents in the way that maximises our contribution at this time of great transformation. We are further blessed this month with some particularly potent and harmonious planetary alignments that will stimulate and enhance positive transformation of our core values in life. So we can expect the energy this month to support us in healing separation issues, encourage greater alignment with our higher purpose and prompt us to act on new plans and ideas.

Healing Separation

Reflecting upon the synthesising qualities of Virgo energy and the call to greater service that it brings forth made us recognise once again how easy it can be for us to swing between spirit and matter rather allowing them to integrate into a fully functioning unit of consciousness. Pondering the reason for this brought recognition of the enormous collective thought form that has built up around this issue and that currently sponsors the unconscious tendency to separate human experience from spiritual experience. However, in reality it is only through the acceptance of human experience and our own incarnational choices that synthesis between spirit and matter can actually be achieved. It is this very synthesis that is at the heart of the transformation that is now taking place on our planet and within each one of us. The potent transformational energies that are now flowing into our planet are making it possible for this thought form to be healed and released for the first time in aeons of time.

So as we see it, it is now very important that we recognise consciously and with clarity, that all dimensions and levels of experience exist within the same vibrational space and that with awareness, focus and practice we can learn to be fully present in our everyday physical experience yet still maintain an awareness of, and connection with ourselves as spirit. From the expansiveness of this dual perspective much that was previously invisible becomes visible and available to us. This includes the common experience for many right now of re experiencing, often with painfully clarity, the old emotional wounds and situations that have contributed to our experience of separation. Uncomfortable though this may be it is good to recognise that this clarity is only available because we are now able to hold a different perspective than previously. If we do not get too caught up in the apparent ‘reality’ of the old experience it will quickly move through and disperse leaving greater unity in its place. We can also take heart from the recognition that every time we make new choices as an individual, we weaken the collective thought form and contribute to its release and transformation.

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