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Healing Our Relationship With Ourselves

Bleeding Heart

Reflecting on this month’s energetic potential and the issues of balance in relationships, made us recognise that at this time the most important relationship for us to focus on is the internal one that we have with ourselves, the relationship between our personality self and our soul or true self. It is from the nature of this all-important relationship that the patterning for all our other relationships in the external world is created. In the past our search for security and happiness in life led us to try to find balance and harmony through matching the vibration of the environment in which we found ourselves in order to ‘fit in’, even though this often felt uncomfortable because it was not a vibrational match with our true self. In the complex flow of energies this month the issues that are likely to be highlighted for many of us are those that relate to old patterning created by the mismatch of vibration between our true self and the personality self that we developed in order to feel safe.

The good news is that in the current flow of energy these obsolete patterns will transform very quickly if we simply choose to accept and honour our own uniqueness and focus on aligning fully with the vibration of our true self through the heart. We can all touch into this vibration in our quiet moments of contemplation, but it requires a more consistent focus of attention to ensure that it becomes the major dynamic in our everyday life. It can be easily over ridden by the voice of the rational mind insisting that it knows what is best for you, especially when you are releasing old patterns that might previously have been constructed to ‘keep you safe’.  It is therefore particularly important that we do not fall into old habits and allow ourselves to get caught up in a belief in the ‘reality’ of any old issues that might come to the fore this month. Remember that the energy flow available to us now is highly creative and will magnify anything that you put your attention on, positive or negative, very quickly. It is vital that we recognise this and remember that how we think and feel has a profound impact on what we are in the process of creating as a collective. So choose to hold your intention on magnifying the positive this month and allow anything of a lesser vibration to release and transform with ease and grace.


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