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Harmonising our Polarities


The airy energies of Gemini impulse us to explore the harmonisation of opposites particularly through the medium of relationship so one of the questions that we could usefully ask ourselves this month is what does ‘harmonisation of opposites’ actually mean for us in our everyday lives?

June and the Energies of Gemini

Reviewing the energy flow of the past month there is no doubt that we passed through some moments of intensity that were not entirely comfortable, yet looking back now these moments seem hard to remember in any detail. Perhaps we are all becoming more adept at absorbing and integrating high frequency energies and allowing those things that are released in the process to simply leave without paying them too much attention.

June is a particularly good month for us to practice the art of being open and receptive to inflowing high frequency energies. The prevailing planetary influence for a large part of June comes to us from the constellation of Gemini represented astrologically by the sign of the twins.

Gemini focuses the potent forces of the Ray of Love & Wisdom, so while the sun is in Gemini we receive a heightened flow of the unifying, harmonising energies of unconditional love. This flow of highly transformational energy is particularly potent around the time of the full moon which this year is on June 2nd.

The June full moon each year marks the celebration of the third great spiritual festival for the year, the Festival of Humanity. As the combined energies of Love and Wisdom pour onto the planet at this time the accumulated energies from the two previous spiritual festivals (those in Aries & Taurus) are synthesised and distributed as a spiritual blessing to all humanity, raising our consciousness and bringing a focus to the unification of duality of all kinds.

It has probably not escaped your notice that Mercury is currently in retrograde motion with all of the attendant outer world issues of muddled communications and assorted technical problems very much to the fore. Mercury turns direct again on June 11th so these problems will then gradually begin to recede. Until then enjoy the enhanced opportunity for inner review, reflection and re-evaluation that this energy provides us with.

Harmonising our Polarities

The airy energies of Gemini impulse us to explore the harmonisation of opposites particularly through the medium of relationship.

Our rapidly expanding awareness means that we have an ever growing understanding of ourselves, so much so that old paradigms of belief are now being shattered on an almost daily basis.

The inflowing energies this month will provide us with an influx of ‘out of the box’ new ideas and a further expansion of our spiritual awareness that will bring an enhanced focus to this process of change. So one of the questions that we could usefully ask ourselves this month is what does ‘harmonisation of opposites’ actually mean for us in our everyday lives?

Until very recently our experience of life has been dominated by the polarity consciousness that has characterised third dimensional living for so long. However this template has now been removed and another based on unity consciousness put in its place. The process of change that we are currently all experiencing is the transition between these two states of consciousness. So it is very likely that the energy flow this month will highlight where we still have habits of behaviour that keep us operating in that old polarity based consciousness.

We will be able to see this most clearly reflected to us in our relationships, not just our interpersonal relationships but also the relationship that we have as a global collective and that all important relationship that exists between the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

So if you find yourself faced with a very clearly defined polarity in need of ‘harmonisation’ this month remember that the balance you seek will come from a neutral exploration of the opposite ends of the polarity concerned. You could visualise yourself standing on the middle point of a seesaw as you do this to emphasis to yourself that the answer does not lie at either end of the polarity but rather in a careful blending of all the qualities inherent within it. This is best done from the consciousness of the heart rather than that of the rational mind which loves polarity and can have a hard time seeing the underlying unity and wholeness of life. Remember as you do this that each change you make in your individual consciousness adds to the new template and makes it easier for others to do the same.



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