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The Habit of Distraction

White Chestnut

Contemplating the energetic opportunity available this month made us very aware of how strong the habit of distraction is in our world today. In the western world in particular we are not taught to find our own inner centre of wisdom so that we live from the inside out, rather we are encouraged to seek outside of ourselves for knowledge and information and to defer to outer authority rather than follow our own inner knowing about what is right for us. This has become a very well worn habit and one that takes focus and attention to overcome due to the seemingly endless opportunities for outer distraction that modern day life offers us.

We have become so entrenched in having a worldly physical experience that we have forgotten how to honour the spirit within. We unconsciously create resistance and confusion to avoid hearing the gentle voice of spirit that would remind us of who we truly are. We search assiduously in the outer world for ‘our spirituality’ while resisting the quiet space within where it can be found patiently awaiting our attention. Now more than ever before there is a need for us to find and consistently occupy that quiet inner space so that our spirit can guide us through the chaos and turmoil of our rapidly transforming world. It is also only from this inner space that we can truly be of service to the ongoing process of birthing a new consciousness onto the planet.

So use the energy flow this month as a wonderful opportunity to release resistance and to go deeper within, into that place of expanded perspective and new possibilities where you can hear the voice of your true self guiding you towards the next part of your journey.


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