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Expanding Possibilities

February Energetics


The prevailing planetary influence during the greater part of February comes to us from the constellation of Aquarius, represented in astrology by the symbol of the water bearer, freely distributing the waters of life to all. We experience a magnification of Aquarian energies every year during February while the sun is in Aquarius, however since we are now also in the larger cycle that we call the Age of Aquarius the qualities and attributes inherent within this energy flow will continue to influence and shape our experience on Earth for the next 2000 years. It is therefore an influence that requires our particular attention and focus in order that we can maximise the potentials and opportunities available to us now and in the future.

In reality the airy and expansive energies of Aquarius have been influencing us for some time, stimulating the awakening of higher consciousness and bringing to the fore the spiritual values of unity, sharing and right human relationships. We can now see these humanitarian principles moving rapidly from the realm of ideas into manifestation and beginning to drive a process of change that is about to radically transform the structure and fabric of life as we have known it. This is a process that is likely to accelerate as we go through 2014 so this month will be a particularly good time to evaluate how well our current thoughts and beliefs are aligned with Aquarian principles and make adjustments where necessary. The period around the full moon on February 14th will offer a particularly fertile opportunity for us to get clarity on this.

Mercury enters a three-week retrograde phase on February 6th, which will bring enhanced opportunity for inner communication, review and re evaluation while at the same time increasing the potential for confusion and unreliability in outer world communication systems of all kinds.

Expanding Possibilities

Aquarian energy brings with it a flow of new, expansive possibilities in the form of ideas that come from the higher collective consciousness. So in the energy flow this month we may well find our focus being drawn to the mind, with a request to re evaluate thoughts and beliefs that are no longer valid. This is a process that could well involve questioning our established perceptions of life and in particular those perceptions that lead to assumptions arrived at without conscious re evaluation. Looking at the focus of Aquarian energy there could be many such assumptions requiring our attention. Aquarian energy is inclusive and seeks to promote unity, equality and self-responsibility, as well as the humanitarian principles of cooperation and sharing. Clearly systems built on unequal distribution of wealth, opportunity and resources will not thrive in this energy flow. It is true that the great majority of us do not want to live in a world based on these values, yet unless enough of us consciously choose to change the belief system that created it, we will find ourselves increasingly challenged by our unevaluated misperceptions of how we think life works.

We find that giving ourselves the opportunity to ponder things in a relaxed state of mind creates a fertile space for new and expansive ideas to be received and old assumptions re evaluated. The energy flow this month will be very supportive of this process so here are a few mind-expanding possibilities to ‘ponder’ upon.

Ask yourself how you would perceive life if you knew that you could continue to live in your current body without ageing for as long as you want, perhaps for thousands of years? Expand your consciousness beyond your personality self and perceive life as a continuous stream of experience, one that is a co creation developed through consideration and cooperation with all kingdoms of life, seen and unseen. Knowing at the deepest level of your being that what we reflect into the world becomes our reality what would you then choose to contribute to that co creation as your unique offering to the whole? How could you begin to weave that expanded perspective into your everyday life experience? Together we can change the world!



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