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Expanding Consciousness and 11.11.08

As we moved from October into November the weather seemed to echo the turbulence of events on the world stage, with its inability to find any sort of normal equilibrium. The month of November promises to bring us more of the same turbulence energetically as we pass through the 11.11 gateway once again, which this year is particularly potent with opportunity for change. During this time we will all get the opportunity to re-evaluate our relationship to fear and to those patterns based on fear that still prevent us from fully stepping into our power. We may experience a review of old polarities as we overhaul our belief systems and it is important that we maintain a level of balance and awareness that allows for closure of these old patterns. Now is the time to stay firmly connected to your heart and to allow the old structures of the personality self to dissolve and take new shape. This will happen most easily if we choose to look beyond what is happening in the chaos and clamour of the world and allow our intention and focus to be on setting the foundations for a new reality to arise from the ashes of the old. 

Similarly as we begin to reach out beyond the personality we discover that there are many levels of ourselves each of which can add a new dimension of understanding to our current view of life

Reaching beyond the personality

We were reviewing this the other day and recognising that when our perception of ourselves is confined to the understandings of the personality alone it is rather like living in the underground cellar of a huge mansion and truly believing that this is all there is to life. It is only when we become aware of the doorway hidden in the corner of the cellar and venturing to open it, explore what lies beyond that we find the other rooms in the house that have been there all along. Similarly as we begin to reach out beyond the personality we discover that there are many levels of ourselves each of which can add a new dimension of understanding to our current view of life. Although initially we might find that these new dimensions of ourselves do not fit into our rather limited view of reality it is not long these days before our consciousness has expanded to accommodate them. Now it seems that we have arrived at a new stage of this expansion of consciousness, one in which we are all being requested to release any parts of ourselves that we have left buried in the cellar so that our new foundations are built on solid ground. This is the gift of the transformational energies of November.

Times of Change

Although these times of change can sometimes feel challenging there is also an undeniable feeling of lightness and excitement in the air that reminds us that we have arrived at the point in time that we have all unconsciously been waiting for. The moment when we would at last be able to break free of the old patterns and expand our consciousness into a greater expression of ourselves. So make the most of the help that is being offered from our brothers and sisters of light over the coming month to transform as many old patterns as you can – we will all be right there with you.

We would just like to finish by saying that we have found much extra help and enlightenment from the information that the Ascended Master Kuthumi has channelled through Michelle Eloff recently, and that you can explore this information for yourself if you so wish on her website; www.thelightweaver.org

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social development…

Most people don’t know what they are talking about. You seem to have thought this through completely. Good Job!…

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There is little else to say after that, huh?…

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