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Endings and Beginnings

Star of Bethlehem

Each year the month of December marks the closing of a twelve-month cycle while also providing us with the gateway into a new one. The outer cycle that is created by the passing months and seasons of the year, each with their own energetic focus and potential, mirrors the inner cycle of spiritual growth and opportunity that we are each presented with every year. So the month of December marks an important point of review and completion for all of us, both in our inner and outer worlds.

For several years now we have reached the month of December and felt that the year just completing had brought such powerful waves of change that it was hard to imagine that there could be anything left unchanged within us. However, each year we have been proved wrong, and as we look forward to the coming year there is a sense that this will again be the case as we move through the next twelve months. Although this feels challenging, there is also a sense of inner excitement and anticipation about the opportunities that the coming year will bring forward for all of us.

A Challenging Year

This year has been a year in which we have all been challenged to release the old issues, emotional attachments and redundant karmic patterns that were still undermining our ability to be our true selves. There has been a sense of urgency about this because it is now becoming increasingly important that we all stand strongly in the light, love & spiritual power of our true selves, something that can only happen when we have released the old stories that we have believed about ourselves.

Inevitably this inner change promoted a wave of change in our everyday lives as everything that had become redundant began to crumble away, leaving a space for something new to come in. Many people have experienced this process of inner and outer change this year and many more will do so over the coming twelve months. It has been a common experience for many to find themselves suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly realigned in particular areas of their lives, be it careers, relationships or the location in which they live. These waves of change have also been ricocheting through the structures and organisations of our world that are built on old paradigm beliefs, exposing areas of corruption and untruth that must be released to allow something new to take their place. It seems to us that this seemingly chaotic process of change is very likely to intensify as we move through the coming year, making it especially important that we all maintain the focus and strength of our own inner light.

Ancestral Healing

Smoky Quartz

This past twelve months has certainly been a year for working on deep old issues. So much so that many have felt rather disillusioned to find themselves again facing old issues that they thought they had finished with years ago. If this has been your experience take heart because in our view this is really something to celebrate since it simply means that you are now getting to the core of the issue. Over recent months the powerful waves of energy that we have all received are washing ever deep into the cells of our bodies and into our DNA structure releasing everything that is not our true self. This has triggered a process of healing that is extending back through our ancestral lines, cleansing and releasing those patterns that we have inherited from our bloodline. This of course not only brings about change for ourselves but also for past and future family members.

December energetics

The energies of December will provide us with an ideal opportunity to integrate and consolidate all of the energies that we have been working with over the past eleven months. It certainly promises to be a very powerful month energetically and one in which nothing that is out of alignment with our truth is likely to be over looked or allowed to rest for long. This will of course come as no surprise to anyone in a month that contains two full moons, the 12 12 gateway and the winter solstice.

The first full moon of the month on December 2nd will provide a point of balance and reflection from which we will be able to more clearly discern our immediate goals. The 12 12 gateway on December 12th will bring forth a flood of high frequency energy that will help us all to consolidate the energies that we have been working with over the year, weaving them together into a new patterning from which our future will be created.

This is an extremely powerful time and it feels important for each one of us to take time to reflect on our own inner world and to assess whether there are any issues that still need our attention before the end of the month. The energies of the 12 12 gateway and the solstice on December 21st will both provide a powerful opportunity for letting go of the old. So that by the time of the last full moon of the year on December 31st we will be able to see more clearly where we are going as we move forward into a new cycle.

Our final review of the year will take place on December 31st on the inner planes as we each go before the Karmic Board in our soul consciousness to review what we have achieved spiritually and to set our intentions for the coming year.

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