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Emotional Recycling


Scorpio energies offer us a wonderful opportunity to root around in the emotional storage bins of the past, recycle what is no longer of value and to make new choices.

November Energetics

Hopefully you managed to negotiate the intensity of the October eclipses with a reasonable degree of balance and poise. If your experience was anything like ours it probably did not always feel easy and you may well have breathed a sigh of relief as the sun moved into Scorpio and Mercury turned direct again, only to discover that the focus of intensity had simply shifted elsewhere!

With the sun magnifying the energies flowing in from the constellation of Scorpio the energetic focus becomes one in which we are confronted with the need to make a choice to transform ourselves from the inside out. There is a ‘death and rebirth’ flavour to these energies that can feel both intense and challenging if we are tempted to resist the proffered invitation.

Scorpio energy is warrior energy and it takes us deep into the subterranean world of our subconscious in order that we can confront and transform those issues of the little self, the personality, that inhibit the integration of the lower and higher selves into a unified whole. In particular this inner confrontation takes place in the deep recesses of our emotional nature and requires us to be willing to own with humility anything that we might find there so that it can be brought into the redeeming light of awareness for transformation. There is no doubt that to the personality this process can feel like a fight to the death if we are unwilling to let go of old outmoded habits, values and perceptions.

During November there will be an abundance of planets joining the sun in Scorpio which will bring a very wide focus to the transformational opportunities available to us. These may well feel particularly intense around the full moon on November 6th   so give yourself plenty of time to focus on what feels particularly important for you around this time.

Emotional Recycling

Scorpio energies offer us a wonderful opportunity to root around in the emotional storage bins of the past, recycle what is no longer of value and to make new choices. To make the most of this opportunity we must be very clear about how we measure the usefulness or otherwise of what we find in those capacious old storage bins. Is that old belief pattern or emotional reaction in vibrational alignment with our true self, does it serve our higher purpose or is it simply part of the old polarity consciousness that we are leaving behind. Without redirection the personality tends to hold on to what it is used to even if this is clearly uncomfortable and outmoded. The force of habit creates a well-worn track that it can take both effort and focus to redirect.

Scorpio energies are watery in nature and therefore both persistent and forceful and will simply remove the lids from our emotional storage bins and stir the contents thoroughly so that they are in full view. Resistance to this process is both futile and uncomfortable but sometimes tempting when you do not particularly like what is being exposed. Scorpio energies also contain within them the vibration of ‘desire’. Remember that this energy can be used to fuel lower vibrational desires or higher vibrational desires, the choice is yours. If you choose to focus on the desire of your heart for unity and truth this energy will give you the strength to focus on what you do want and to leave behind with the minimum of struggle that which you no longer choose to have define you.

Taking a quick look round the world at the human community right now it is clear that this transformational struggle is currently going on everywhere and in every aspect of life. All the storage bins of the past are wide open and there is no possibility of stuffing the contents back into the bin, making transformation an inevitability. The energies of Scorpio this month may well stir yet more ‘stuff’ into our awareness in this arena so remember that the battle will eventually be won within each individual rather than out in the field.

Once there is a sufficient number of warriors clear enough to carry the light of truth with focus and clarity then the struggle on the outside will gradually diminish and peace will prevail. This will inevitably take time and we may feel as though we are battling uphill for a while yet, however it will definitely be worth it, so keep going whatever comes out of the storage bins of the past this month.



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