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Embracing Love

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The prevailing planetary influence for a large part of June comes to us from the constellation of Gemini represented astrologically by the sign of the twins. Gemini focuses the potent forces of the Ray of Love & Wisdom, so while the sun is in Gemini we on Earth receive a heightened flow of the unifying, harmonising energies of Unconditional Love. This flow of highly transformational energy will reach the peak of its radiation at the time of the full moon when we celebrate the third great spiritual festival for the year the Festival of Humanity and World Invocation Day. As the combined energies of Love and Wisdom pour onto the planet at this time the accumulated energies from the two previous spiritual festivals (those in Aries & Taurus) are synthesised and distributed, raising our consciousness and bringing a focus to the unification of duality of all kinds. To make the most of this potent spiritual opportunity we need to be open to receive, integrate and anchor it onto the Earth so that it can reach into every aspect of our consciousness. The time of the full moon is a wonderful opportunity for us all to consciously join together to create an open, receptive channel for this to happen.

Mercury will be retrograde from June 7th – July 1st , once again offering us an opportunity to go within and to reflect, reevaluate, and reform our ideas from a deep inner perspective. In fact an ideal opportunity for us to integrate and assimilate the energetic opportunities that will come forward during the full moon and the powerful solstice that follows on from it.

Embracing Love

With the flow of energy this month bringing the focus of attention to Unity Consciousness, we have a wonderful opportunity to expand awareness of this state within ourselves, increasing our capacity to live from a space of Unconditional Love. Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love are states of consciousness that we have all aspired to for a very long time and which have remained for the large part, tantalizingly beyond our capacity to fully embrace while in a physical body. However this is now no longer the case. When the energetic patterning for life changed in December 2012 the foundations necessary for us to be able to fully integrate both these states of consciousness were reestablished. Now it is up to us to adjust the vibration of our personality self so as to be able to integrate this consciousness into our everyday walking around space. Clearly this is still very much a work in progress and will likely continue to be so for some time to come because it requires such a radical shift in perspective. However there is a grand opportunity this month to use the synthesising flow of Gemini energy to remind ourselves how to operate in this consciousness and to take us a stage further on this unfolding journey.

As we turn our attention to this and begin to come into greater harmony and unity within ourselves we will gradually find our point of focus shifting away from ourselves as a single unit of consciousness and moving towards that clarity of perspective from which we see past the illusion of separation and know without doubt that we are an integral part of the web of life. It can take time to fully arrive at this understanding but when we do the revelation that it brings is similar to the shift of perspective we received when we were able to view our planet from space for the first time. From that moment on nothing is quite the same and the question quickly becomes one of how we can best contribute to the collective experience of life that we are consciously participating in. Cooperation, sharing, harmony, balance, giving and receiving in full measure as well as self-appreciation and mutual regard for those we share life with then become a reality for all. This is the unfolding journey we are all a part of – let’s see if we can each contribute a little this month to bring it closer to fulfilment.


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