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December 2012; A Pivotal Moment

2012 Angel

December and the Influence of Sagittarius

December 2012! We have been working towards this particular point in time for so long and now here we are living the moment. Considering the many possibilities that have been prophesied down the ages for this time there seems real cause for celebration that we are here and with such magnificent opportunity opening up in front of us.

During December we come under the prevailing planetary influence of the constellation of Sagittarius, whose fiery energies stimulate clear vision, clarity, focus and purpose. Esoterically, Sagittarius rules the higher mind and the intuition as well as inspiring wisdom and truthfulness. This expansive flow of Sagittarian energy, together with other powerful planetary alignments and configurations will be stimulating more deep transformation this month as well as inspiring us to clarify and live our truth with wisdom and focus. 

A Pivotal Moment

As we are all aware December 2012 is a pivotal point in our collective process of change and transformation. The energetic configurations and planetary alignments throughout this month present opportunities unlike any that we have previously experienced. The stage is set for humanity as a collective to take a quantum leap in consciousness, one that will carry us forward into 2013 and the opportunities that await us in the years beyond.

Energetically we have been working towards this moment for a long time, preparing ourselves to receive and anchor the powerful influxes of light that will flow into our planet most particularly on December 12th and 21st. 12 12 12 marks the final closure of an ages old cycle within which we have been restricted to a particular patterning of life experience. December 13th brings us a new moon clearly marking the moment as an opportunity to begin a new more expanded cycle of human experience. 

The period of time between 12 12 12 and 21 12 12 is a period of transition, a space in which to assimilate and go deep within to prepare for the Solstice on December 21st. At this time Earth will be directly in alignment with the galactic core, the heart centre of our galaxy, allowing a giant doorway of expanded possibilities to open and bring forth a powerful influx of light of such magnitude that it will profoundly change the way in which we experience life in the future. Those who are awake and aware will initially feel this shift in consciousness more fully and clearly than others who are still in the process of awakening, however no one is going to be left behind, everyone will eventually take up the opportunity that it presents. Wow what exciting times we live in!

As we reflect on the possibilities of this time they seem awesome and incredible. There is an enormous sense of gratitude for the huge amount of assistance that we are receiving from great beings of light in dimensions far beyond our own whose energetic focus and intention creates a template that is helping to guide us safely through the choppy waters of transformation. Recognising this also makes us very aware of how important it is for each of us as individuals to remember that we are contributing to the collective human experience with every choice we make both internally and externally. So take the opportunity this month to align fully with your own core vibration of truth deep within your heart centre. As you hold steady in that energetic space you will be contributing immeasurably to a new template for life as well as creating an energetic doorway that will allow others to enter when they are ready.


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