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Clearing the Old Matrix

March Energetics


The energy during March promises to be both potent and expansive and will bring us opportunities for deep reflection, higher connection, review and realignment.

The prevailing planetary influence this month of March comes from the constellation of Pisces, represented astrologically by the glyph with the two fishes connected together by a thread, yet swimming in opposite directions. In its highest form Piscean energy stimulates us to remember that the personality is an aspect of the soul in manifestation and that conscious fusion of the two is our goal. We can therefore expect that the watery energies of Pisces will bring a deeper awareness of our soul self to the fore this month and stimulate our desire to connect with and express our inner truths.

Pisces also marks the end of the zodiacal year so with this in mind it is likely that a certain amount of finishing up and clearing out will be inevitable this month in order for us to be ready for the beginning of a new cycle as the sun moves into Aries on March 21st.    In this auspicious year of 2012 this will be a new beginning that is particularly potent with opportunity and one that we would do well to be ready for. In this respect we will receive considerable help from the expansive and supportive framework of planetary configurations taking place during March if we open to their gifts. Essentially these energies will be holding a space within which we can prepare ourselves to take an enormous leap in consciousness both individually and collectively as the year unfolds. March will therefore be a wonderful time in which to review, reassess and realign with our soul purpose in order to be ready to manifest our highest dreams in the months to come.

Clearing the Old Matrix

As we are all only too aware creating something new usually requires that we first clear away the debris of old creations in order to make space for new ones. In the flow of Piscean energy this month we may well find that old creations become temporarily magnified in order that we can make new choices. This is especially so because the energy of Pisces has until recently been the dominating influence on the planet and our response to it has manifested the way of life that we now experience in the world. The legacy of this two thousand year Piscean influence is a complex matrix of old patterns that are layered within us as individuals and also within the earth and humanity as a collective. All are now in the process of re-evaluation and transformation as we move out of the Piscean influence and into that of Aquarius. The more aware of these patterns that we can become as individuals the more they will begin to loosen within the collective consciousness. It is also true to say that while they remain unconscious within us as individuals we will be more easily triggered by any collective reaction to world events.

Old Piscean Patterns

One particularly engrained and pervasive pattern belonging to the old Piscean energy that might become more obvious to us this month, relates to our personal and collective empowerment. This is such an important issues for all of us that we have decided to take a closer look at the dynamics that work within it, with a view to suggesting some essences that could be used to help with its release.

In order to be able to move fully into our personal empowerment we first need to recognise the interweaving threads that hold that insidious pattern of disempowerment in place. Primary in this mix are three major energies that take the archetypal forms of Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor. These three operate together and support each other in such a way as to keep us going around endlessly playing out one or other of these energies until we recognise that they are in fact one and the same energy, playing out in different guises. In other words none of them can exist without the others being present and in full cooperation somewhere. So as you peruse this pattern within yourself this month be accepting of whatever you find, remembering that detachment and non-judgement go a long way towards weakening the force of any issue we might be working with. So with that in mind lets take a look at some essences that might help to break this self-defeating triangle apart so that all these energies can be transformed.

Divine Harmony Essences

Essence Suggestions

Victim: For those who find themselves occasionally plunged into ‘victim’ mode, top of the list might be a Self Responsibility combination to help with transforming resentment and blame. Other important combinations are Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness, Feeling Safe; trusting life, Healing Abuse; dissolving trauma and Creativity; restoring individuality.

Rescuer: For those who identify themselves as a ‘rescuer’ we suggest one of the following to help; Solar Plexus Chakra combination, Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness, Letting Go; dissolving attachment, Auric Protection; creating safe boundaries and Soul Retrieval.

Persecutor: For those brave souls who are willing to identify themselves as having ‘persecutor’ tendencies, congratulations on your ability to be honesty with yourself. In truth we all have these tendencies and when we do not own them we require another brave soul to act them out for us. Essences to help here would be; Male Essence; strengthening masculine; Heart Chakra combination, Wild Iris; over-responsibility, Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness and Inner Freedom; transforming judgement.

A strong thread that also forms part of the glue holding all these energies together is our old friend fear, so last but not least here are a few reminders for essences that can help to release and dissolve this difficult energy; either Inner Calm, Courage or Strength & Courage spray.


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