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Changing the Force of Habit


May Energetics and the influence of Taurus

April proved to be an intense, turbulent and often frustrating month for many as we all attempted to negotiate the complicated and sometimes conflicting flow of energies that were influencing us. As the sun moved into the more feminine earthy energies of Taurus on April 20th there was a less hectic feel to the energetic flow that was both refreshing and inspiring. In its highest form Taurean energy seeks to inspire us ‘to be in the world but not of the world’, to release our attachment to the purely physical and to use the power of our desire nature to help create heaven on earth. So the illumination that this energy brings this month will be helping us all to review where attachment and desire keep us too focussed in the material world and encouraging us to realign with the larger perspective of the soul and the divine plan.

The Wesak Festival

It is of course not a coincidence that May is the month long associated with the consummate master of detachment, Gautama Buddha the great eastern spiritual master. It is said that the Buddha was born, reached enlightenment and died under the influence of the sign of Taurus. Each year the second great spiritual festival of the year, the Festival of Wesak, is celebrated at the full moon when the sun is in Taurus, which this year is on May 5th. At the time of this full moon the Buddha, as the expression of the Wisdom of God, joins forces with the Christ who is the expression of the Love of God, to pour forth the blessings of the second Ray of Love and Wisdom in a ceremony that takes place on the etheric planes over the Wesak Valley in Tibet. This potent spiritual offering creates a free passageway of inspiring uplifting energy that irradiates the collective consciousness of humanity, strengthening the light within each one of us and carrying us towards new heights of awareness and understanding.

Changing the force of habit


Provided that we align with the highest potentials of the energies available to us this month we will find that there is huge support to birth new inspirations and creative ideas, particularly those that benefit humanity as a whole. The time around the full moon will be an especially potent time for this as the incoming flow of energy will not only bring us higher inspiration but also push us to take the actions required to ground our ideas fully into the world. So it will be particularly important that we listen carefully to the promptings of our inner being this month and follow through on what we are given. However, when we get to the point of actually stepping forward to action our new ideas and inspirations we may well find ourselves facing that uncomfortable moment of truth when we have to confront those well established habits that keep us firmly in our comfort zone. Habits, by their very nature are unconscious, something that we do without any real thought. They can also form the basis of the excuses that we use to avoid taking positive action on something. Awareness is the first step to changing the force of habit, so be very clear in your intention this month and keep your attention on your intention. If you find that you are not following through on that inspiring new idea take a moment to identify what old habit or belief pattern has become active, them move that awareness into your heart where you will be able to see more clearly that this is not your true Self. Sometimes simply noticing in this way will be enough to help you make a new choice, however if more help is needed then remember the power of a well chosen combination of vibrational essences to help you detach and move on.


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