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Changing Realities: Thinking with the Heart

August and the energies of Leo


The prevailing energy flow during most of the month of August comes to us from the constellation of Leo, represented in the astrological zodiac by the sign of the Lion. Leo energy embodies the liberating and uplifting universal principles of Love and Freedom. It brings a focus to the need for enlightened leadership and the right use of will and power so that those things that are for the greatest common good can come to the fore. Leo energy also promotes creativity & illumination and stimulates the alignment of the heart with the soul.

The fiery energy of Leo is associated with the sun and just like the sun itself can be forceful in effect. The focus of Leo energy will be especially powerful this year as we have two full moon periods while the sun is in Leo, one on July 22 and the other on August 21st. The interplay between the sun and the full moon in opposite signs of the zodiac opens the doorway each month, to a flow of expanded spiritual energies and a magnified flow of consciousness from the particular constellation that the sun is in at the time. This creates a flow of heightened awareness that we can all tap into to expand our perceptions and understandings. Sometimes this extra illumination can feel uncomfortable because it turns a spotlight onto the hidden issues and limiting beliefs that we still need to release. This is the reason why we can sometimes experience a sense of heightened tension at the time of the full moon. This month is unlikely to be any different in this respect, and we can expect the focus of Leo energies to draw us more fully into the heart of our being and to illuminate any aspects of ourselves that need refinement in order for us to stand firmly in the freedom of our own individuality and balanced power.

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Changing Realities: Thinking with the Heart

Looking casually around the world today you could easily think that not much had changed since this time last year, and viewed from the surface of reality this might not be an unreasonable conclusion. However underneath that familiar reality there has been a massive restructuring at an energetic level and a new template for life on our planet has now been installed. The opportunities that this new template offers for us to experience ourselves more fully are enormous, yet they remain largely untapped because at an everyday level we are still holding on to the old, more limited perspective of life that is so familiar to us. The flow of energy this month will provide a wonderful expansive opportunity to break with old habits and to explore new dimensions of possibility. Allow the expansive consciousness of Leo energy to stimulate your ability to ‘think’ with the heart so that you can embody the leonian principles of Love and Freedom as living vibrations rather than simply mental concepts.

‘Thinking’ with the heart opens many doorways of possibility that remain closed when we use the rational mind as our only reference point. In our experience this is rather like the difference between going to a place of great natural beauty and fully experiencing it with all of your senses and simply having a picture of it on your sitting room wall. Both are accurate and enjoyable in their own way yet one is a much fuller experience than the other. Exactly the same is true of the difference between our old and new realities; both are ‘real’ yet a much fuller, more expansive version of life is now possible if we can open our awareness to new perspectives and possibilities.


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