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The Changing Face of Service

In the northern hemisphere we associate the ninth month of the year with the ripe fullness of autumn, while in the southern hemisphere it heralds the fresh new beginnings of spring. Wherever we happen to be in the world during September we will all have the opportunity to enjoy that magical still point of balance at the Equinox, before the sun’s light turns towards the southern hemisphere again.

September Energetics


For a large part of September we come under the influence of the earthy, feminine energies of the constellation of Virgo, an influence that will build in intensity until the full moon on September 19th. If we align with the highest potential of this energetic flow we are most likely to experience it as an impulse stimulating us to create greater harmony and synthesis between our everyday personality self and our true self so that more of our soul light can flow into the world. Virgo energy also stimulates the desire to be of service, so its influence this month will tend to bring to the fore any aspects our lives that need adjustment in order for us to be fully in alignment with our true purpose, as well as prompting us to use our soul gifts and talents to greater effect in the world.

The issue of how we can each be of greater service is an important one and there is probably no better time to reflect upon it than when we are directly in the flow of Virgo energy. As we are all only too aware everything about the way we live our lives is currently in a state of flux and change. Since the release of the old template for life in December 2012 removed the limitations that we had become so accustomed to from the fabric of life, we have a much greater freedom and expanded awareness available to us if we choose to use it. Much of what we have believed about ourselves is dropping away and new foundations for the future are in the process of being laid. In this context it is very important that we review everything that we have previously believed about the way life works so that we can release outmoded beliefs and misperceptions.

The Changing Face of Service

The concept of being of service is one that has many misperceptions from the past attached to it, none of which will be viable options for very much longer in the current energy flow. The foundation stone for these misperceptions is our collective belief in separation, created in part because of our limited access to the expanded perception available through the heart. When we see ourselves as separate from our soul and separate from spirit we can only see ourselves as separate from others and we are unable to experience the cohesiveness and interconnectedness of all life in a meaningful way. From this limited perspective our concept of service has become distorted and mostly confined to what we can ‘do’ for others. There is of course nothing wrong with helping others to empower themselves, however there is much more to the concept of service than this. As we start to live fully in the heart, drawing upon the resources of our true self our view of how we can be of service expands into one that includes taking active responsibility for our contribution to the collective consciousness of which we are a part. In the energy flow this month we are likely to find ourselves impulsed to review and realign our concept of service with a view to taking it to the next octave of expression.


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