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September certainly lived up to its promise of providing us all with a full on energy experience. As the incoming energies of Unconditional Love flowed in through the 09 09 09 gateway we were taken deeper and deeper into our hearts to remember and embrace more of our true selves. This inward focus was enhanced by a period of retrograde mercury, which while renown for creating chaos in the outer world of communications tends to increase our ability to communicate with ourselves on an inner level.

September also brought us the balancing energies of the Equinox and an opportunity to pause and reflect on what has been achieved as well as to consider what still needs completion before the solstice on December 21st. As we were reflecting on this very thing the other day, we were struck by just how relentless the energies have felt over this past year. Alongside this came the recognition of how necessary and important this process has been in helping us to strengthen our inner foundations so that we will all be ready for the next stage of the journey. There is also a sense of inner excitement and anticipation as though we have now arrived at a point that we have not been beyond in any previous incarnation.

Integrating the new

The energies of October will be offering us a much needed breathing space for integration and assimilation of the transformational energies we have received, before the next influx of energy arrives with the 11 11 gateway next month. Although this sounds as though we could be in for a more peaceful month we have a suspicion that it may not actually feel like that in practice. Over the last few months we have all made many changes to our energetic structures and increased our ability to download greater and greater quantities of soul energy into our everyday consciousness. Inevitably this means that there will be areas of our lives that simply no longer resonate with who we have become, so in order to remain in integrity with ourselves we must now make some changes. The energies this month will be offering us a period of integration and an opportunity to examine any area of our lives where we have been feeling pushed to expand in some way. For some this expansion might be in the area of work or close relationships, while for others it might be a change of location that feels important. Inevitably this period of integration will also bring us face to face with any parts of ourselves that do not yet resonate with the new patterning that we are seeking to integrate, so here are a few supportive thoughts from us to help with this process.


Releasing the old

The huge influxes of energy that we have all been receiving over this past year have instigated a process of rapid evolution that certainly has not always felt comfortable. In fact we often feel as though we are trying to live several different lifetimes consecutively within the same physical body. So it can be helpful to keep in mind during this process of integration that if you feel that your body is creaking at the seams some days, it is simply a result of the changes that we are all going through. Our physical body is our slowest vibrating layer of energy and it is normal for it to take time to catch up with changes made to our energetic patterning. When there is a backlog of change to assimilate it is very common to experience a variety of physical ‘symptoms’ as the body struggles to release what it no longer needs. We often call these symptoms, ‘vibrational flu’ because they can typically include general aches & pains, headaches, tiredness and disturbed sleeping patterns, as well as a general sense of ungroundedness and disorientation, to mention just a few.

It is also very common during times of integration to find yourself apparently revisiting old emotional issues and belief patterns that you thought you had completely cleared a long time ago. Celebrate rather than feel discouraged, because it means that you are reaching deeper into the pattern than you have ever been able to do before. Most important of all remember to bless what is coming up and to view it with as much love and acceptance as you can manage. Each time you make new choices in old situations you are reinforcing the new patterning and weakening the hold of the old.

This month give yourself a break, avoid self criticism and instead give yourself a moment every now and again to appreciate yourself for just how much stronger and more in touch with your real self you are becoming. There is nothing like some appreciation and gratitude to keep you moving forward!

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11 years ago

I want to say that the phrase right that leaving old things behind and adapting a new things in the life is a good things but not true always in aspects of the life.I like post very much as it can say about the old things which contain some feelings,emotions and idea which can never be left out from the life.The charm of the feelings always reside in our heart for refreshment purposes.I want to know suggestion from others.