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Challenge and Opportunity

April Energetics


Looking back over the last few years there have been many E-Light Newsletters in which we have indicated that the energy flow in a particular month carried the potential to promote great change and transformation. However, we have to say that the energetic potential of April 2014 appears to eclipse any of these previous opportunities. This is the month in which the unusual and highly potent astrological configuration that we mentioned in last months newsletter, the Grand Cross of opposing energies between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars will be at the height of its influence. Alongside this we also have an energetic link up between the three water signs in the zodiac, Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer and all of this set against the prevailing planetary influence for the month of April flowing in from the constellation of Aries.

The Influence of Aries

Lets look at the influence of Aries in all of this first. As the first sign in the zodiac Aries marks the start of a new astrological year and brings us the opportunity of new beginnings. Its fiery, initiating energy seeks to promote regeneration and renewal in all areas of life, both spiritually and physically. This is highly creative energy that brings forward stimulating new ideas from the higher mind and we can often experience its effects as a feeling of ‘lets get on with it now!’

Challenge and Opportunity

This year rather than just being presented with the normal Aries opportunity for new beginnings we also have the very focussed and intense energy of a Grand Cross or Square of opposing energies between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars, which essentially is presenting us with the challenge of making a new beginning in a way that we have never had the opportunity to do before. The configuration will be in exact alignment on April 22nd but has already been influencing us for a while now and will continue to do so for the next few months. You could see this energy as being rather like a ‘ring pass not’ that is insisting in no uncertain terms that we make some much needed changes both collectively and individually before we can move beyond it.

As we see it the energy of the Grand Cross alignment this month will be a catalyst for a process of change that will present us with the challenging opportunity to begin to adjust the way our everyday world works so that it comes into alignment with the new operating system that we now have in place on our planet. As it unfolds, this process will no doubt appear chaotic at times and probably will not feel entirely comfortable either, however it is a process that we are all somewhat familiar with at a personal level.

Bleeding Heart

We have all at some time in our lives experienced the need to make the difficult choice of letting go of something big that we had previously considered to be essential to our well being in some way. For instance a relationship that was complete, a job that no longer suited us or a house that had been a cherished home for a long time. Sometimes in this situation we started from a place of fear, resistance or denial and then passed through a time of chaos as we attempted to avoid doing what was clearly needed. Finally we gave in and let go and to our amazement not only did we feel better, but life also expanded, providing opportunities that we had not even imagined possible from the place we started from.

This is the exact process that we are now about to go through as a human family, some of us with more conscious awareness than others, so it is vital that those of us that are aware of what is going on make every effort to use the energies this month to positive advantage. If you can stay in your heart where you know exactly who you are it will be easier to avoid being drawn into any dramas that might be going on around you or in the world in general. This way you are in effect positioning yourself right in the centre of the energies of the Grand Cross where you are aware of all four energies at once and can more easily go with the flow without being engulfed by any one of them. This is one of best ways that we can contribute to a smooth transition for all.

The other component of the energy flow that it might be helpful to keep in mind this month is that energetic link up between the three water planets of the zodiac, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio that we mentioned earlier. This is a configuration usually described as a Grand Water Trine. As you might expect, the energy of this alignment will tend to increase the potential for emotional reaction and over reaction this month. However, just being aware of this possibility can be enough to remind you to take a breath or two and step back if something is triggered.


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