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Calm within the Storm – Core Emotions

Inner CalmFor the whole of this year, it has felt as though we have been on an intense roller coaster ride of energy during which we have needed to mobilise all of our inner resources to stay centred and calm. The reason for this is that our planet is currently in direct alignment with the Galactic Centre ( the galactic centre is a point in the centre of the milky way ), something that for us on Earth happens only very infrequently. When it does however, it allows us access to an in pouring of high frequency energy – rather like opening the gateways through the dimensions back to Source. This in itself is challenging enough, however in addition to this we have Pluto conjunct the Galactic Centre which means that we are also feeling the influence of this planet strongly affecting all areas of our lives. Pluto is the planet of transformation or ‘death & rebirth’. It is relentless in its ability to seek out areas of our lives where we are not in alignment with our own highest truths and with ruthless insistence to demand change. We are all feeling this process very intensely right now and although we know that we will eventually come through the transformation process stronger and wiser it does not always feel easy.

Balance & harmony…

The key to remaining calm and balanced within the storm is of course to keep a strong connection with our soul aspects, however this can be easier said than done if we do not have balanced core emotions, so we thought that it might be helpful to take a closer look at the subject of emotions and to highlight some combinations of essences over the next few months that can help to bring stability and balance to those all important core emotions.

Core Emotions

Water is the element that governs emotion; significantly both our physical bodies and our physical environment contain a very large proportion of water in their makeup, reminding us that our emotional health has a profound effect on our physical well-being. The cells of our body respond to the emotions that we habitually generate. High frequency, positive emotions like love, happiness & joy create the optimum environment for generating strong, healthy cells, while lower frequency emotions like fear, anger, doubt etc tend to have the reverse effect. All the time that we are in touch with our emotions and allowing the energy of them free expression all is well. However if we have experiences where we are unable to understand and express the emotions that we feel, the energy of those emotions has to be stored somewhere within the physical body and its energetic structure until it can be processed. Most often energies that are unexpressed will gravitate to an organ or gland that carries a resonance for the emotion – e.g. anger often affects the liver while unexpressed grief collects in the lungs. When we leave our bodies these unresolved emotions collect in the emotional body to become part of our energetic structure when we incarnate again, thus creating a reservoir of unconscious emotional patterns that form the basis for our emotional response to life.

Emotions – a positive thing…

Many people are afraid of the power of their emotions and unconsciously continue to suppress those emotions that they consider to be ‘negative’ in some way rather than give them free expression. Emotions are in fact a part of our 4th dimensional experience and as we move through this dimension as part of our process of evolution, many people are finding themselves experiencing the challenge of long buried emotions coming into awareness. If we can use these experiences constructively they provide a doorway through which we can access and integrate parts of ourselves that we have left behind in previous experiences, creating balance in the emotional body, which is then able to provide a stable foundation for our Soul’s light to flow consistently into the physical body. We are then able to access the higher perspective on life that we need to help us move through whatever challenges we face in our lives with grace & ease.


Perhaps the most powerful and debilitating of all emotions is fear; it is certainly the most commonly felt emotion when we are challenged to make big changes in our lives, so lets start with a combination from our Combinations for Self-Treatment range which will help to gently release and transform old fears of all kinds. Inner Calm – Transforming Fear Fear is an emotion that affects us all to some extent – it is an inevitable part of life in a duality. However, deeply buried unconscious fears can create a very wide range of problems at both a physical and emotional/mental level until they are brought into awareness and the related energy transformed. Unconscious traumas from other lifetimes are often the root cause of these fears leaving us with areas of vulnerability that can be triggered in our current lives. Combination of:- Garlic, Fig, Aventurine, & St. John’s Wort When to use… Where there are deep patterns of anxiety or fear. These can take many forms; some of the more extreme examples might be panic attacks or phobias, however difficulty facing particular situations in life or achieving ones full potential also indicate underlying fears. Fear is one of the slowest vibrating energies and can often be felt as coldness in the body, so anyone who is always cold, particularly in the extremities of the body, has some fears to release. The Kidneys process fear through the physical body and difficulties in this area would also indicate an energy blockage associated with fear. Fear is often held in the Base Chakra, with the effect that we feel ungrounded and unable to function properly in the world. Again this is a very common reaction in many of us when we find ourselves facing challenging situations. If you are currently feeling like this you would also find one of our Base Chakra combinations very helpful to follow on from the Inner Calm combination highlighted above. Next month we will look at some more combinations that will help you to balance your core emotions. As ever we wish you all the best with your personal growth, and if you need any help or advice, please do contact us here at Crystal Herbs!
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