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Birthing a New Consciousness

April Energetics


The energy line up for April is potent with powerful transformational opportunity to say the least. The sun’s movement into Aries on March 19th signalled the beginning of a new astrological year and also a new cycle of opportunity. The fiery, initiating energy of Aries stimulates regeneration and renewal in all areas of life, both spiritually and physically. We normally experience this as a powerful burst of new energy that sweeps us forward to begin new projects or make new beginnings. However as the sun moved into Aries this year we were still under the influence of several powerful retrograde planets holding us in review and reassessment mode and insisting that we make a final clearance of any unfinished business before we move forward. We have all been registering this push/pull of energies with discomfort and internal pressure as we feel the Aries push to move forward while still lacking the necessary clarity of direction to do so. Release will come when Mars goes direct on April 14th so the early weeks of April will be a good opportunity to tidy unfinished business, get clarity on your way forward and set your plans in place.

Birthing a new consciousness

Aries is associated with the first ray of creation and the power of the higher mind and as such is often considered to be the ‘birthplace of ideas’. In this extraordinary year of 2012 the ‘ideas’ that we as a collective are being asked to birth are going to take us forward into a completely different expression of life. The momentum of the change we have all contributed to on the inner planes has been continuing to build, so that now, as we enter a new cycle it is ready to manifest into our everyday reality. The phenomenal solar flare activity that we experienced during March has been especially instrumental in changing our consciousness and helping us prepare for this great step forward. During April the influence of Aries and some potently transformational planetary alignments, particularly around the time of the full moon on April 6th, will be impulsing us to begin to birth this new consciousness and to create fundamental change in all areas of our lives. So with this in mind April could well be a month in which we find ourselves experiencing a sudden urge to make sweeping change in some area of our life or coming up with an ‘out of the box’ choice seemingly out of nowhere.

Changing Truths

It seems important to remember that the ‘ideas’ we are helping to birth are part of a much greater cosmic plan, one that we are all aware of at soul level. As we move through April and on through the succeeding months of the year it will become increasingly important that we learn to distinguish the voice of truth coming from our soul, from the old well worn ‘truths’ that we have lived with up to now. This could be a sharp learning curve because many of our old truths are emotionally based and still have well-secured belief patterns attached to them. So as you feel the impulse to make change flowing in from the collective higher mind through your soul this month be aware that your rational mind is most unlikely to have any reference points to validate these choices and may well try to offer a conflicting vibration. In this situation remember that you will always find the clarity that you need to keep moving forward in your heart where you can most easily hear the voice of your true self.


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