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The energies of Leo

As we write this we are fully in the flow of the prevailing planetary energy for the month of August coming to us from the constellation of Leo, represented astrologically by the sign of the Lion. Esoterically the energy of Leo represents ‘the light of the soul’ and embodies the universal principles of Love & Freedom. Astrologically the fiery energies of Leo are associated with the sun and like the energies of the sun itself, need to be treated with due respect. In its highest aspect Leo energy promotes the ability to be a creative, fully self-conscious individual yet able also to use that individuality in the service of the soul and for the good of humanity as a collective. In the often hard fought struggle to become a conscious individual it can be all too easy to forget that the best expression of this independence comes when we allow the soul’s light to illuminate how we can best use it.

We can therefore expect this month that the energies of Leo will be encouraging us to recognise those areas within ourselves that need greater refinement to allow us to stand firmly in our own individuality and power. At the same time they will also bring into our awareness where we need to strengthen our connection with our soul so that greater illumination can flow through into our everyday lives. There is a fine balance here between these two requirements and it is a balance that is likely to come into even greater prominence in world affairs under the Leo spotlight this month, particularly around the time of the full moon on August 13th.

Become the change now.

As we reflected on all of this we were reminded of the apt and oft quoted statement of Mahatma Ghandi; ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’. For us these simple but powerful words very much sum up what the energy this month is all about. For some time now we have all been learning to absorb and hold the great waves of high frequency light that have been flowing through us and our planet in ever increasing intensity. This light has been gradually changing us all from the inside out as well as instigating change of major proportions in our outer world. This is the great planetary awakening that we have all been waiting for for so long, however it is very important that we do not just sit back and expect it to happen around us. Particularly it is important that we do not fall into fear and focus on what is breaking down or not working anymore. Like the individual blobs of colour that make up a kaleidoscope picture we are all required to contribute our part to the greater picture of what is being created right now for our future. In other words we must each choose to become the change that we wish to see in the world. Essentially this is a choice to become visible for who we truly are and to bring forward our unique gifts and talents with a willingness to use them to contribute to the creation of a new reality.

The energies this month will be strongly encouraging us all to reflect upon our future choices as well as helping to illuminate the way forward if we are willing to see it. Most of all they will be posing us the question; ‘what will you choose?’ So as you contemplate this question this month remember that the blueprint for the particular picture that we are all co creating already exists on a higher level and that you as a soul already know how you can best contribute. Ask the question in your heart and the answer will soon become clear. For some that answer might bring great change into their outer life while for others it may simply mean choosing to radiate a particular positive vibration into the world. Whatever you choose we will be right there with you looking at how we can become a greater force for positive change in the world.

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