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Be the Change!

It is with a certain amount of disbelief that we find ourselves already into the first days of November and contemplating the fact that another year is almost finished. Even our weather seems to be having difficulty keeping up with the increasingly rapid passage of time. Not that we are complaining, because the unseasonably mild and sunny weather through much of October has kept the onset of winter at bay and provided us with a wonderful display of autumn tree colours, together with the great gift of many late flowering summer flowers. However we know that for many including ourselves, October has been anything but calm and peaceful from an energetic perspective. In fact we might go as far as to say that it has possibly been the most challenging month we have had for some time when we look at the amount of ‘stuff’ that we have found ourselves dealing with. Judging from the experiences of others that we know we were definitely not the only ones facing this somewhat drastic purification process. Flowers

Be the change

As we reflected on this we were reminded of the often-quoted words of Mahatma Gandhi; ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’. This is of course exactly what is currently being requested of each one of us and at a level that is shaking the very core of our personal foundations. When things get tough we find that it helps to remember that for a new reality to be anchored onto the planet it must first be called forth and created within the reality of those who live here. Over many years now we have all responded in our own way to the inner calling to wake up and take responsibility for our selves as co-creators of our world. We have been so successful with this that we have reached a point where the inner changes that we have all made are now manifesting outwardly in the fabric of our everyday world, a process that will intensify as we move through the next few years. As we see it we are all being called to embrace a new level of ‘being the change’, one in which we will be challenged to stand firm in our light, love and power to anchor the new reality that is now being manifested.

November energetics

The energies of November promise to be very intense and powerful for all of us. The beautiful full moon at the beginning of November shone a brilliant pathway of light illuminating our way forward through the 11 11 11 gateway. The powerful feminine goddess energy that will flow onto the planet at this time will offer us all the opportunity to embrace new levels of our feminine creativity and intuition. It is through the acceptance and integration of these qualities that we will all be able to bring forward new ways of living and relating in the future. For many of us this new energy will also highlight where there is a need for greater integration between the inner feminine and masculine energies within ourselves. Whatever shows up in your world, hold it in as much love and acceptance as you can and allow the old to release so that you are ready to sow the seeds of new beginnings at the time of the new moon on November 16th.

Vision and focus

Perhaps one of the most important ways in which we can all help to ‘be the change’ is by connecting together with others of like mind and heart to hold a positive vision of an unfolding new world built on the foundations of love, light and spiritual power. In our world of polarities we must be ever vigilante in our choices to ensure that we are energising the creation of what we truly wish to bring into our future.
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