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The Battle in Scorpio


November Energetics

The prevailing planetary influence for a large part of the month of November comes to us from the constellation of Scorpio. The watery energies of Scorpio bring forward a focussed opportunity for large-scale change and transformation. While this is extremely positive on the one hand it can also feel both intense and challenging on the other, particularly if we are inclined to resist the ‘opportunity’. Possibly this is because the nature of the challenge brought forward in Scorpio requires that we journey deep into the subterranean world of our subconscious in order to transform those issues of the little self, the personality, that inhibit the integration of the lower and higher selves into a unified whole. To the personality this can seem like a ‘death’ if our perception of ourselves is still anchored in these old issues. The eclipse of the sun in Scorpio at the beginning of November brought us all a particularly powerful opportunity to review some of these old issues and we can expect further illumination as we approach the full moon on November 17th.

The Battle in Scorpio

Under the influence of Scorpio we face the archetypal battle between the lower and higher self that is so vividly portrayed in the Labours of Hercules by the story of Hercules’s mission to destroy the nine headed hydra that lived in the darkest of dark swamps. In this story the hydra represents the unconscious aspects of personality within each of us that must come into the light of awareness in order to be transformed. The key to Hercules eventual success lay in his recognition that fighting with these old aspects of self simply give them more power. For each head that he severed two more grew back in its place, however when he finally surrendered in humility, owning what the hydra represented as a part of himself, he was able to carry the monster of his own creation into the light of day where it simply withered and died because it was no longer nourished. There is much for us to ponder on in this powerful story this month because not only does it represent a place in which many of us as individuals find ourselves right now, it is also a situation that we face as a human collective. The powerful forces of the collective hydra that we have all contributed to the creation of can be seen everywhere around us in our world right now. There is an urgent need for us to deal with this collective creation with courage and wisdom rather than continue to engage in battle with its many ‘heads’, thereby unwittingly giving them the power and energy they need to create more of the same.

Faced with this recognition it can be easy to feel that as individuals we are insignificant and powerless to make a contribution that could impact the situation in any positive way, however this is very far from being the truth. Each one of us that has the courage to stand firm in the light of our higher truth and to live our life from that perspective is making a much needed and vital contribution to the creation of greater balance in the world. So now is the time to use the energies of Scorpio to help you clear away the ‘monsters’ lurking in your personal dark swamp so that you can create a firmer foundation for your soul to radiate light, love and empowerment into the world. The collective force of many doing this is extremely powerful and is a vital contribution towards the creation of a framework of harmony and stability that will help to ease the process of change and transformation for those that are still in the process of awakening.

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