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August Energetics


The prevailing planetary influence for the month of August comes to us from the constellation of Leo, represented in the astrological zodiac by the sign of the Lion. In their highest form the energies of Leo embody the liberating and uplifting universal principles of Love and Freedom. They also encourage the right use of power and will to create that which is for the greatest common good. Leo energy also promotes creativity & illumination and stimulates the alignment of the heart with the soul.

The fiery energies of Leo are associated with the sun and just like the sun itself can be extremely powerful in effect. This month we can expect the influence of Leo to highlight those areas within ourselves that need greater refinement to allow us to stand firmly in our own individuality and balanced power. At the same time they will also bring into our awareness where we need to strengthen the connection between heart and soul, so that greater illumination can flow through into our everyday lives. In the outer world the focus will be on those areas of tension currently being created by misuse of power as well as issues relating to limitation and lack of freedom.

It is interesting to reflect that the energetic influence of Leo will be at its height around the time of the full moon on August 2nd right in the middle of the Olympic Games. In many ways the achievement of those individuals now arriving to represent their countries is expressive of the higher qualities of Leo energy. In order to compete each individual must become a fully creative, self-conscious entity at the peak of their powers, yet they must also be willing to act as part of a team and for the greater good of their country.


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