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Abundant May Blessings

White Bluebell

Spring has been relatively late in arriving this year and we are now being treated to an extra glorious beginning to the month of May, as the whole of nature bursts forth into abundant and vibrant new life. May is always one of our favourite months of the year, marking as it does the end of the winter half of the year and the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. The Celtic fire festival of Beltane celebrated on May 1st is the traditional way of welcoming the returning light of the sun and honouring the new cycle of fertility just beginning in this part of the world. Hawthorn blossom, also called May blossom because of its abundant glory during the month of May, has long been a potent symbol of the beginning of this new cycle, and represents the power of the feminine goddess to bring forward the gifts of purity, growth & renewal.

May Energetics

The prevailing energetic influence for the month of May each year comes to us from the constellation of Taurus, the bull. Spiritually Taurus represents the principle of illumination, and radiates the penetrating light of divine will to enlighten the physical world. This month we can expect the energy of Taurus to highlight those areas of our lives where attachment and desire keep us too focussed in the material world. In other words those areas that require enlightening to allow divine will to be expressed more fully.

May is also associated with the Buddha, the great eastern spiritual master who is said to have been born, achieved enlightenment and died under the influence of the sign of Taurus. It is therefore no coincidence that the second great spiritual festival of the year, the Festival of Wesak is celebrated at the full moon when the sun is in Taurus, which this year is on April 28th. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose. At the time of the Wesak Festival each year He joins forces with the Christ the great spiritual master who is the expression of the Love of God to pour forth the blessings of the second Ray of Love and Wisdom to all of humanity who are open to receive these powerful energies.

Planetary Service

As we contemplate the importance of the Festival of Wesak it is humbling to recognise the magnitude of the service that the great masters of light offer to humanity. With focus and dedication they consistently offer us, their less awake brothers and sisters, the blessing and support of their love and higher consciousness. Each year the magnificence of the Wesak blessings are available to all of us, however we only receive them in their richness and fullness through our own willingness to serve as intermediaries between those great beings of light and the physical world in which we live. So in the quietness of our hearts this month let each one of us choose to reach out in our consciousness to receive and radiate the blessings so generously offered at this special time. We will be aided in this process of inner connection by Mercury, which is retrograde in Taurus until May 11th. Disruptive as this energy can be in the world of outer communications it will nevertheless greatly enhance our ability to reflect into our inner world.

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