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A Time of Choice – May 2014

Bleeding Heart

May has arrived, bringing with it the beginning of summer for all of us in the northern hemisphere and this year due to the mild winter we have enjoyed in the UK, it actually looks as though summer really is just around the corner. Not only are the trees and hedgerows resplendent with new green growth, many flowers and shrubs are also coming into bloom early making it an especially beautiful start to the summer period. We have already been busy making essences, including Star of Bethlehem which is in flower at least 4 weeks earlier than in some years. We also have some beautiful early flowering roses to enjoy in our garden along with the wallflowers and the magical display of little pink hearts that make their appearance on the Bleeding Heart plant at this time of the year.

May Energetics

Possibly you arrived at the beginning of May feeling somewhat jumbled and confused, rather as though you had been caught up in a giant processing machine. If this is the case, take heart you are definitely not the only one to feel this way. You may also recognise that as a consequence there is a new awareness taking shape within you that was not there before. Both of these experiences are the direct result of the combined energies of the grand cross alignment and the solar and lunar eclipses that we experienced during April. Although these events have now passed you will probably have noticed that the effect of them has not. This is because a new energetic ‘norm’ of greater intensity than we have been accustomed to has been set in place as a result of these alignments. We are all currently in the process of acclimatising to this new energetic template with varying degrees of success, however help is on hand this month if we can be open to it.

The Influence of Taurus and the Wesak Festival

The prevailing planetary influence for a large part of May comes to us from the constellation of Taurus, represented astrologically by the sign of the bull. In its highest form Taurean energy seeks to inspire us ‘to be in the world but not of the world’, to release our attachment to the purely physical and to use the power of our desire nature to help create heaven on earth. Each year during this period of Taurean influence we receive an enhanced flow of spiritual energies onto the Earth. The full moon celebration of the Wesak festival, this year on May 14th, is the high point of this inflow of powerful spiritual illumination, designed to move us forward into the next stage of our evolution. This will be a particularly powerful opportunity this year because we now have the capacity to receive and use much greater quantities of this high frequency light than ever before. Literally this is the energy of enlightenment and is exactly what we need now to help integrate the opportunities of those April alignments.

A Time of Choice

More than anything else the alignments of last month and the energies of this month of May are asking you to make a choice, a choice based on the desires of your heart. The doorway is wide open to step into the fullness of your true self and to remember why you are here at this important time. The desires of your heart are the keys to remembering the soul gifts that are your unique contribution to the unfolding of a new collective reality, an unfolding that is taking place right now. Clearly this is a group effort yet it relies on each of us to take personal responsibility for stepping into the fullness of who we truly are, so that we can take part consciously in this huge collective manifestation project. We are being asked to choose to become the anchor points in physical reality for the new templates of light, love, wellbeing and wholeness that will change everything we now perceive as our ‘reality’. The energy flow this month will be supporting us fully to make this choice, so go with the flow and make the most of the opportunities as they present themselves.


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