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A New Template for Life


2012 brings powerful new opportunities

As we write this we are at the beginning of January 2012 looking forward over the coming twelve months with a sense of anticipation, excitement and perhaps even a slight touch of uncertainty.

The beginning of a new year is traditionally a time of re-evaluation when we choose to get rid of old things, ideas and ways of behaviour in favour of a new vision for the future. This seems set to be a particularly important theme this month as well as throughout the whole of the coming year.

The prevailing planetary influence for most of this month comes to us from the constellation of Capricorn, represented by the sign of the mountain goat in traditional astrology and the unicorn in esoteric astrology. The higher frequencies of the powerful earthy energies of Capricorn will be encouraging us to reach beyond our limitations and to become the responsible citizens, leaders and custodians of our planet that we are destined to become. There are several powerful and expansive planetary alignments that will be supporting this transformative impulse and which indicate the potential for the discovery of new and innovative solutions to current world problems. Encouragingly these will be solutions that are for the benefit of all people based on right use of the world’s resources rather than those that provide personal gain and empowerment for a few as has been the situation so often in the past.

A new template for life

This coming year holds the potential for incredible breakthroughs in consciousness, the seeds of which were sown at the 11 11 11 gateway and anchored more deeply during the solstice last December. In effect a new higher frequency template for life has been activated and grounded into the Earth and within all human hearts, instigating a process of repatterning for all of us.

This is the most incredible gift, albeit one that will bring us the challenge of change in full measure. With the anchoring of this new template many of the old ways in which we have lived life up to now no longer have any roots to tie them into our current reality. Everything that resonates to the old template must either find a higher octave of expression or be released in favour of something new. This leaves us with the interesting thought that it is simply habitual patterns of thought and behaviour, whether conscious or unconscious, that are now all that hold our experience of life into the familiar old mould that is so obviously beginning to crumble in so many ways around the world.

So with the energy flow this month supporting deep transformation this is an excellent time to evaluate with care whether we are seeking to achieve the goals that we have set ourselves for the coming twelve months based on past experience and old habits or are we allowing ourselves to be guided by the voice of higher wisdom anchored in our hearts. This will undoubtedly be a steep learning curve for us all, however the more that we align with the new template the more we will find ourselves in the flow of new ideas and mutually supportive, creative solutions.

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