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A New Cycle of Opportunity Begins Now


Following on from the two eclipses and the solstice that took place during June the new moon solar eclipse on July 1st clearly signalled the beginning of a new cycle for us all, a new beginning that is now being taken up and expanded by the flow of Cancerian energy, the prevailing planetary influence during July. Esoterically Cancer is associated with the principle of rebirth and is seen as the gateway into a new cycle of lives for individual souls coming into incarnation. From a collective perspective it brings us a cosmic breath of new life and an opportunity for re-evaluation and transformation on a global scale.

The Energies of Cancer

Traditionally the nurturing, watery energies of Cancer are associated with home and family, our roots and foundations in life. It can be easy to simply associate ‘home’ with the physical place in which we live, however seen more esoterically this can also be related to our physical body in its capacity as a ‘home’ for our soul. The energies of cancer will therefore not only be highlighting those areas that require change in our everyday home life but also those that are needed to allow greater soul light into our physical form. Each of us is being requested to learn to ‘light our own lamp’ and to hold that light steady so that change and transformation can take place in the world with as much grace and ease as possible. No pressure here then!!

The Human Family

As we reflect on this it seems to us that it is important to keep in mind that while each of us at an individual level might find ourselves making some fundamental changes in our personal lives, the greatest opportunity and challenge lies in the changes that need to be made in relationships within the human family as a collective and also in the relationship we have with our planetary home, the Earth. With increasing rapidity old structures and ways of doing things are simply dismantling and unravelling around us, a clear signal that it is time for us all to take up our responsibility to help create the foundations for a new pattern of living for the future. This month the highest frequencies of Cancerian energy will be impulsing us to find ways in which we can serve the common good and to bring new levels of compassion and sharing into our everyday world.

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