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A Gift of New Life

November tests & challenges


As we write this we are at the beginning of November and fully into the flow of Scorpio flavoured energies that are the prevailing influence for the month. The watery energies of Scorpio encourage us to reach deep into the depths of our selves and to face that which is needed to bring about a more complete unity with our true self or soul. As we are all very aware this greater unity does not happen without some resistance from the personality self. This struggle, between the personality and the soul is one that the human family is now collectively experiencing as we face the need to unite the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves in order to evolve. It is a struggle that is vividly portrayed for us in the mythical story of Hercules and his quest to slay the nine-headed hydra; that powerful symbol for the personality self. So altogether, it seems that this month will be a month of great opportunity and potential for us all as individuals and as a collective, though one unlikely to be without its tests and challenges.

The energetic highlight of the month is undoubtedly the full moon on November the 10th closely followed by the opening of the long awaited 11-11-11 gateway. Once again we are being gifted with a flow of light and potent high frequency energies designed to further stimulate our inner awakening and help clear away that which no longer resonates with our true self. This great flow of light will also be assisting mother earth to make some necessary adjustments so that she can continue her ascension with ease and grace. Absolutely in alignment with the focus of the energies of Scorpio it will stimulate the expression of higher truth and unity consciousness.

A Gift of New Life

Reflecting on this made us realise just how important it is that we all recognise and take responsibility for anchoring this great gift of life giving energy as it flows in on 11-11-11. The human kingdom is the link or bridge between the world of spirit and the other kingdoms of life on earth and as such it is our responsibility as members of the human family, to become the channel through which this energy can be received and used to its fullest. It is truly a gift of new life and it has the capacity to short-circuit any old 3D patterning and disrupt the often destructive loops that we have now been going round and round in for aeons time so that something new can be created. Since it is likely, at least in the short term, that the noise and chaos of change in the world will increase as this energy does its work, it is particularly important that we all do our best to see with clarity what is really going on and choose not to get caught up energetically in the old as it leaves. Above all lets remember that miracles happen when new life giving energy is allowed into old situations that have run their course.

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