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2014 – Time to Walk Your Talk

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January 2014 and the Energies of Capricorn

2013 was a year of integration and consolidation in which much happened energetically behind the scenes of our everyday awareness. 2014 promises to be a very different year, one in which we begin to experience the result of those energetic changes manifesting more fully in the world. Already we can see the beginnings of this in the highly unusual weather patterns that have been experienced in many places of late, as well as the increasing number of unexpected and volatile incidents arising around the world.

The first day of 2014 brought us a bright new moon and a wonderful opportunity to sow the seeds of our New Year resolutions and intentions into some particularly receptive and fertile soil. For many the turning of the year brought to the fore an inner sense of urgency, a need to get on with what is of importance rather than continue to service old habits and obligations. This sudden peeling away of the old seems set to be an important theme for the whole of 2014. Major planetary configurations and alignments already beginning to build in energetic influence, will provide the support we need to begin to break up the manifestations of the past in no uncertain manner. Under this influence the spotlight for change is initially likely to fall particularly on the issue of the fairer distribution of money, as well as environmental issues and the problems caused by nuclear power, weapons & accidents.

Looking more specifically at January, the prevailing planetary influence for most of this month comes to us from the constellation of Capricorn, represented by the sign of the mountain goat in personality-based astrology and the unicorn in soul based astrology. In its highest form Capricornian energy encourages us to transcend the limitations created by a purely material view of life and to use the wisdom and detachment gained through this process to co create new more expanded opportunities for the human family as a whole. Looking at the focus of the energies of 2014 in general this ability is something that is going to become increasingly important, so use the energy flow this month to help you align more fully with your soul truth and begin to ‘walk your talk’ as never before.

Time to Walk Your Talk

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The energies of Capricorn carry a reminder of our individual responsibility to the human family to which we belong.  Just like a single drop of water within a great ocean we are part of a larger whole and must contribute the resources and gifts of our individual spiritual journeys into the spiritual cooperative of humanity. This has never been more important than now. During 2014 we are likely to see many more examples of old systems and ways of being beginning to falter and crumble because they are no longer fit for purpose. At a personality level this may feel disturbing, so do remember that it is actually the opportunity to co create the new reality that we have all been asking for, for a very long time. Remember also that the grounding of this creation is dependant upon our collective desire for it to be consciously expressed and acted upon at a physical level. So 2014 will be the time to stand firmly in the light of your true self and to ‘walk your talk’ as never before.

If you feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of having to up your game and walk your talk with greater focus then take a moment to look within and see if like many of us you are still holding on to old beliefs that make it difficult for you to live fully as a spiritual being in a physical body. Unconsciously many still carry a belief that nothing physical is of importance and that they just have to live out their earthly experiences so that they can move on to ‘something better’. This very Piscean belief has its roots in the old story of separation, supported by the many and various religious teachings that have reinforced that things of the flesh are inherently tainted and therefore to be despised. In the light of this it is not difficult to see why many of us still have an unconscious resistance to fully allowing our physical body to become the vehicle for the expression of our true self, that it is intended to be. Very often the underlying issue is a completely unconscious but profound lack of respect for our physical self. Given this it is hardly surprising that we have also been consistently unable to fully value our beautiful planet or to respect the natural world and its bountiful resources or our brothers and sisters with whom we share it. So if you struggle with being physical, take a moment each day to breathe deeply into your body with gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful vehicle that allows you to enjoy the many and various experiences of the physical manifest world, remembering that the change we desire on the physical plane must take place through those of us that have the physical bodies.


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